Join Other Vegans!

A key ongoing campaign for NARN is vegan outreach — leafleting, tabling and otherwise letting people know how easy it is to go vegan and how living a vegan lifestyle directly and comprehensively eliminates the source of widespread animal abuse. Outreach efforts take place year-round at farmers markets, community celebrations and public events. We ramp up efforts during the summer, when outdoor fairs offer access to a wider range of people.

NARN volunteers distribute thousands of leaflets educating the public about the atrocities committed on animals raised for food and other abusive purposes. NARN also hosts film screenings, educational seminars and social gatherings that focus on the benefits of veganism.

We’d love for you to join our outreach efforts, and you can print your own literature here.

Are you looking to become a leading vegan advocate in your community? We’ve been looking for you! Join our Vegan Committee.