Current Action Alerts

Stop Spring Bear Hunts in WA State!

Tell the WDFW & Governor Inslee's Office to Stop Spring Bear Hunts in Washington!

Save the Togo Wolf Pack!

Tell Governor Inslee and WFDW Director Susewind NO WOLF KILLS!

Call out the Seattle Times on Octopus Article

Let the Seattle Times know being shills for Zoos isn't reporting!

End Primate Testing at UW - Contact UW!

Ask the University of Washington to End the Use of Primates in Testing Labs, Close the Breeding Facility

Support HR4108 - Plant Based Food in Schools

Support this Federal Legislation to get funding for plant based foods in schools!

Reform the WDFW - Contact Governor Inslee!

Write a Letter to Governor Inslee and ask that he reform the WDFW!

Support HB1375 - Ban Most Fur Farming in WA!

Contact your representatives and tell them to support HB1375.

City Council - Stop Funding the Zoo!

Please Tell the City Council to Stop Funding the Woodland Park Zoo.

Remove Unethical Vet from the UW’s IACUC!

Ensure the veterinarian member of the UW IACUC is concerned for the the animals.

Protect Wolves Now!

Contact your Governor today to ask that they protect wolves.