Current Action Alerts


The Stranger Agrees - No New Shark Tank!

Seattlites don't want a shark tank! Act Now and tell Mayor & City Council!


Take Action Against Wolf Poaching in WA!

Contact WA’s Fish and Wildlife Officials TODAY to Demand Accountability

UW - Stop Primate Research, Close the Labs

Ask the UW to End the Use of Primates in Testing Labs & Close the Breeding Facility


Tell Legislators - No Tax Dollars for Farm Gas!

Contact your legislators and tell them to stop subsidizing farm gas programs!

Support the Shark Fin Sales Elimination Act!

Contact your Representatives and ask them to support the Shark Fin Sales Elimination Act!

Help End Wildlife Killing Contests!

Contact your Representatives to support this Act and ban wildlife killing contests on public land!!

Oppose the "Trust the Science" Act!

Contact your Representatives to oppose this Act and protect gray wolves!

Contact your Senators about the COMPETES Act!

Urge Your Senators to Pass Crucial Animal Protection Amendments in the COMPETES Act!

Support the Humane Cosmetics Act

Contact Your Federal Representatives to Ask Them to Support HR-6207 / S-3357!

Help Farmed Animals - Oppose the EATS Act!

The EATS Act could undermine many state regulations to reduce animal suffering!

Improve Access to Plant Based Food in Schools!

Support this Federal Legislation to get funding for plant based foods in schools!