Current Action Alerts


UW - Stop Primate Research, Close the Labs

Ask the UW to End the Use of Primates in Testing Labs & Close the Breeding Facility


Contact your Senators about the COMPETES Act!

Urge Your Senators to Pass Crucial Animal Protection Amendments in the COMPETES Act!

Support HR 1744 - Humane Research & Testing Act

Contact your Federal Legislators and ask them to support HR 1744!

Support the Humane Cosmetics Act

Contact Your Federal Representatives to Ask Them to Support HR-6207 / S-3357!

Support the FDA Modernization Act of 2021

Contact Patty Murray and ask her to Co-Sponsor S-2952 (HR-2565)!

Oppose the EATS Act (H.R. 4999, S. 2619)

The EATS Act could undermine many state regulations to reduce animal suffering!

Support HR 4108 - Plant Based Food in Schools

Support this Federal Legislation to get funding for plant based foods in schools!