NARN People

NARN Board

The NARN board meets once a month to briefly cover status on campaigns, tasks, and other issues. Responsibilities include managing assets (such as bank accounts), communication with members and the public (via website, e-newsletter, telephone, and letters), coordinating volunteers, maintaining relationships with other organizations, and a host of small but important tasks such as ordering literature, filing paperwork, coordinating meetings, etc. In short, it is the responsibility of the NARN board to handle the less glamorous aspects of running the organization so that member participation can happen easily and effectively.

Board members agree to take on tasks according to their individual skills, preferences, and time constraints. Many board members choose to coordinate campaigns and outreach efforts, though this is not a requirement. Board members serve for two years.

Learn more about NARN’s board members here.


NARN has one staff person- Hannah Thompson-Garner, NARN’s Director of Advocacy and Mission Advancement, who previously served on NARN’s Board of Directors. 

NARN also has a stellar group of volunteers who run and participate in our wide-ranging campaigns.