Ongoing Vegan Outreach

Vegan outreach is a mainstay of NARN’s efforts, as being vegan is one of the easiest, most direct, and most comprehensive ways to eliminate the widespread abuse of animals. Outreach efforts go on year round, at numerous events such as farmers markets, public forums, and speaker tours. Our efforts increase their frequency during the summer, when outdoor fairs allow for the opportunity to have an educational information table or for volunteers to leaflet to the attendees.   NARN volunteers distribute thousands of leaflets educating the public about the atrocities committed on animals raised for food and other abusive animal industries. NARN has also hosted events such as film screenings, educational seminars, and social gatherings that focus on the benefits of veganism.

NARN can always use more help with spreading the word. Contact us if you can join us in our outreach efforts.

Vegan Mentor Program

The Vegan Mentor Program is a campaign to ensure those who wish to adopt a lifestyle of compassion have the necessary long-term support and guidance from others, with the necessary resources, teaching, and counseling for a positive life-long path that affirms the life of all beings.

Our all-volunteer base of Vegan Mentors assists new vegans with the necessary long-term support to address the various issues, questions, and concerns surrounding the practicalities and the principles of being vegan. For those who wish to take the Vegan Pledge and get paired up with a mentor, or for the long-term vegan who wishes to be a mentor, please check out our Vegan Mentor Program.

NARN Family

The goal of NARN Family is to provide a safe space for families to participate in animal advocacy together. We want to give kids opportunities for their voices to be heard, and to facilitate rich learning experiences while helping them understand that they can be powerful animal advocates at any age. You can find more information on NARN Family here.

Animals in Labs

NARN has an ongoing campaign to educate the public about what happens to animals in labs, particularly those imprisoned by the University of Washington.  To learn about that campaign, check out

Additionally, we support and encourage others to be a part of the No New Animal Lab campaign.

Circuses / Zoos / Rodeos

NARN’s campaign, Friends of Woodland Park Zoo Elephants, was successful in getting the elephant exhibit closed which ended the zoo’s effort to breed more elephants, and spreading awareness about the suffering inherent in zoo captivity.

Tragically, Chai and Bamboo did not make it to a sanctuary, and were transferred to the Oklahoma City Zoo, where we allege Chai suffered from neglect and substandard care causing her death. Bamboo remains at the zoo and our effort continues on her behalf.

NARN intends to continue educating people about why zoos are not healthy or humane for animals and why they teach children the wrong message about animal confinement.

NARN holds protests against animal circuses and rodeos.

Vegan Letter Writing

Writing letters is one of the easiest things a vegan can do to make change in the world.  Whether you’re writing to an activist who has been jailed for standing up for animals or the planet, or sending a scathing letter (or two, or five, or twenty) to a corporation engaged in animal-unfriendly practices, you can make a difference without even leaving your house.  (That said, NARN hosts multiple monthly vegan letter writing events around Seattle, and we’d love for you to join us!). Find more information on our letter writing campaigns here.


Our section on Frequently Asked Questions about Veganism and Animal Rights seeks to address many of the concerns, questions, and misconceptions about how one can live a life without the use of animals for food, fashion, research, or entertainment.