NARN is involved in a range of campaigns to create a more humane world for animals.

Ongoing Vegan Outreach

A key ongoing campaign for NARN is vegan outreach — leafleting, tabling and otherwise letting people know how easy it is to go vegan and how living a vegan lifestyle directly and comprehensively eliminates the source of widespread animal abuse. Outreach efforts take place year-round at farmers markets, community celebrations and public events. We ramp up efforts during the summer, when outdoor fairs offer access to a wider range of people.

NARN volunteers distribute thousands of leaflets educating the public about the atrocities committed on animals raised for food and other abusive purposes. NARN also hosts film screenings, educational seminars and social gatherings that focus on the benefits of veganism.

We’d love for you to join our outreach efforts, and you can print your own literature here.

Vegan Letter Writing

Writing letters is one of the easiest things a vegan can do to make change in the world.  Whether you’re writing to an activist whose imprisoned for standing up for animals or the planet, or sending a pointedly worded letter (or two, or five, or twenty) to a company engaged in animal abuse, you can make a difference without even leaving your house — or the friendly community table of a nearby restaurant, where NARN regularly hosts letter-writing events. Find letter-writing topics and the time and place of our next event.

Animals in Labs

NARN has an ongoing campaign to educate the public about what happens to animals in labs, particularly those imprisoned in the University of Washington’s new, underground animal lab. Learn more about the “UW Kills Animals” campaign.

Speaking Up for Wildlife

Do you think about the connections of wildlife and veganism beyond boycotting fur? Did you know that the livestock industry is heavily subsidized by your taxes to not only graze freely on your public lands, but we’re also paying for native wildlife such as wolves and cougars to be killed for preying on livestock that’s placed to roam in their habitat?

Did you know that grizzlies are making their way back to the Northern Cascades? Learn more about what NARN is doing to help wildlife here.


Our FAQs on Veganism and Animal Rights addresses many of the concerns, questions and misconceptions about how one can live a life without the use of animals for food, fashion, research or entertainment.