Committee members are the pillars of our animal activism community. NARN committees are responsible for driving key campaigns and initiatives at the organization. Committee meetings are also centers of knowledge and thought, with a wide-range of professional and activism backgrounds in attendance. Explore our committees today!

Animals In Labs Committee

Find more information on our Animals In Labs campaigns

Register for the AIL Committee HERE

Fish and Wildlife Committee

Find more information on our Fish and Wildlife campaigns

Register for the Fish and Wildlife Committee HERE

Intersectional Justice Committee

Find more information on our Intersectional Justice Initiative

We are currently in the process of building up the IJ Committee. Please be patient while we work towards finalizing this committee with our community partners. We will open up general registration ASAP!

Animal Justice Committee

The Animal Justice Committee is an invite-only committee specifically formed for professionals/students/activists in policy, law, and related fields. If you think that your skills and knowledge would be beneficial to the AJ committee, please email to meet with the committee chair.

Find more information on our legislative advocacy at NARN

Vegan Committee

Find more information on our Vegan Awareness campaigns

Register for the Vegan Committee HERE