Northwest Resources

Vegan and vegan-friendly establishments abound in the Northwest, as do wildlife resources, rescues and sanctuaries. Here’s a partial roundup:

Finding Food

  • Print copies of NARN’s popular restaurant guide for yourself and to give friends.
  • NARN also offers this handy list of vegan meats, milks, cheese and other animal-friendly products.
  • Shop at Vegan Haven, Washington’s only vegan-only grocery store. It’s volunteer-run, and proceeds go to Pigs Peace Sanctuary (see below). Because this is a Northwest resource guide, it seems only fair to mention Food Fight! Grocery in Portland, Ore., and Vegan Supply in Vancouver, B.C.

More restaurants and eating events are compiled by Seattle Vegan and Vegetarians of Washington.

Caring for Wildlife

Three organizations in the Puget Sound area rehabilitate injured and orphaned wildlife. Calling first is a good idea, to check hours and to be sure they will care for the animal you have. In fledgling season, for example, they may recommend that you leave a fledgling bird on your lawn for a day or so. And some rescues will euthanize rather than rehabilitate non-native animals such as eastern gray squirrels.

If you’re closer to the Oregon border, there’s also Portland Audubon.

Advocating for Wildlife

For more information about how to advocate for wolves, coyotes and other Northwest wildlife, check out these websites:


Some of the best non-human animal encounters and snuggles happen during sanctuary tours. Some of the most exciting evenings out are fundraisers for those same sanctuaries. And some of the best volunteer action around is at, you guessed it. Here’s the glorious lineup:


Looking for a new family member? Or a place to volunteer? Or drop of towels and linens (rescues always need these!)? Here’s a (non-comprehensive) list of rescue groups in the Pacific Northwest:

Community Building

Because it’s the Northwest, where people have a tendency to spend more time looking at their shoes than each other, community groups — especially for newcomers — are essential. Check out NARN’s monthly letter-writing events and these established groups:

Family Resources

Are you raising a vegan family? Do you have questions about nutrition, how to talk to your kids about animal rights issues, or want to meet other families who are raising compassionate vegan children? Check out these resources for support and community building:

Other Advocacy Groups

These Northwest groups advocate for animals and a vegan lifestyle, often as the foundation for more wide-ranging endeavors: