About Us

The Northwest Animal Rights Network (NARN) is a Seattle-based nonprofit dedicated since 1986 to ending the exploitation of animals by raising awareness of animal suffering in the food, entertainment, experimentation and fashion industries.

NARN is a grassroots organization with 501(c)3 non-profit status (EIN# 91-1341059) that relies on volunteer efforts and generous donations to carry out our mission. Get involved to help us defend the rights, welfare, and habitat of non-human animals.

Animal Rights Activism

NARN advocates for the rights inherent to all sentient beings to live full lives, to be free, and to not be used and exploited. We engage in campaigns to expose, challenge, and alleviate the suffering and abuse of non-human animals. Learn more at our campaigns page.

Vegan Advocacy & Outreach

NARN believes that veganism is the best and most consistent way to respect the lives of animals. It is a crucial part of the living practice of animal rights, and we lead many efforts to inform and encourage people to be vegan, including:

  • Social, letter-writing and advocacy events
  • Tabling and leafleting outreach — details on our campaigns page