They Need Your Help Like Never Before

Inside the Washington National Primate Research Center (WA-NPRC)

“By and large students are taught that it is ethically acceptable to perpetrate, in the name of science, what from the point of view of the animals would certainly qualify as torture. By the time [the students] arrive in the labs they have been programmed to accept the suffering around them.”  

— Jane Goodall, PhD


(poached from peta) The Washington National Primate Research Center (WaNPRC) is one of seven remaining “flagship primate centers” established in the early 1960s and continuously funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The WaNPRC is located on the campus of the University of Washington (UW) and has satellite facilities in downtown Seattle and in Mesa, Arizona. Last year, 1,053 monkeys were imprisoned, warehoused, and abused at its facilities.
In 2019, UW received more than half a billion dollars from NIH, including more than $13 million in funding for the basic operations of the center.


  • Last year, at a facility breeding monkeys for use in experiments at the University of Washington (UW), a monkey escaped her cage and was hurt so badly, she required the amputation of her arm. UW doesn’t want you to know about it, and is requesting that this incident be removed from their record.Please take a moment to urge USDA to deny their request. The very least these animals deserve is for people to know the truth about what happens to them in labs. See Rise for Animals’ Action Alert “Don’t Let University of Washington Hide the Truth