Vegan Mentor Program

Our Vegan Mentor Program came into existence to fulfill the need for long-term support that many people would like to have in their transition to a vegan lifestyle. Much of the focus has been on getting information out on the benefits of becoming vegan, but there is precious little on providing follow-up support. To many people, the arguments for a vegan lifestyle may be compelling, but actually making the change may seem uncomfortable, if not outright overwhelming. They may feel alone and don’t know who to turn to for help, and as a result, may find their own efforts and attempts unfulfilling and eventually fall back to their old patterns. NARN’s Vegan Mentor Program is here to help. We provide the one-on-one personal support to make transitioning to a lifestyle of compassion easy and ever-lasting. We find that those who have been mentored have stayed vegan and are happier for it.

If you think that you’d like to become vegan, whether you are already a vegetarian or if you still eat meat, we encourage you to take the Vegan Pledge and have a new friend to help you out, answer questions, lend an ear, and offer advice. If you’re wondering what veganism is and why one should become vegan, check out our Vegan FAQs.

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Are you an animal lover? Then be the change you wish to see! Being vegan is the most effective and direct way to save the lives of animals, and nowadays it’s never been easier to do so. Free yourself from the hidden cycle of cruelty and misery present in every industry that uses animals. Your choice to live a fair, sustainable, compassionate and ethical life by giving up animal products and not supporting businesses and organizations that use animals does not mean a life without pleasure, fun, or convenience. Your Vegan Mentor will show you how you can have both a fun and principled life. Whether you wish to start by being vegan immediately or you wish to phase out animal products with the ultimate goal of being vegan, your Mentor will give you the long-term support as you transition to your new path. Now, there are so many good reasons to reject animal products and so many choices of animal-free alternatives that the real question is not ‘why vegan?’ but ‘why not?’. And we are here to help.

Start off a new life of compassion and sign up by filling out our online Vegan Mentor Questionnaire form below. We will then match you up with one of our volunteer Vegan Mentors, who will contact you and get you started on your new path of compassion and respect for all animals.

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*NOTE: Currently we ask only those who live in Western Washington State to participate in our program. This is so that new vegan pledgers can be directed to local restaurants, resources, community events, and other opportunities within the region. We do not wish to discourage anyone from being vegan or trying out veganism, so if you wish to participate in our mentorship program but are outside the region, just be aware that while our mentors can help you with the practicalities and principles of being vegan, they may not be able to assist you in resources local to you, meet you in person, or any of the other in-depth opportunities that our mentors can provide. In the future we plan on coordinating with other groups outside our region to provide mentorship programs; news of such will be here. Thanks!

Be a Vegan Mentor!

Are you a long-term vegan who wishes to help others along in their path to compassion? We are looking for people who have been vegan for at least two years, and live in Western Washington State. If you are, then fill out our online Vegan Mentor Questionnaire form below.

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