Meet Z14333, dubbed “Ricky Bobby” by those who experimented on him. Ricky Bobby was a macaque who, like hundreds of others, lived and died at the University of Washington, and spent his life as the subject of medical experiments.


NARN’s JUSTICE FOR RICKY BOBBY! campaign works to spread awareness of the lives of the primates who are tested on as scientific experiments inside of the University of Washington’s Washington National Primate Research Center (WaNPRC). Our ultimate goal with this campaign is to close WaNPRC and its affiliated primate breeding facility in Arizona.

As such, we have decided to partner with artists local to the PNW in order to tell the true story of one primate born, used, and killed by WaNPRC, Z14333, otherwise known as “Ricky Bobby,” by the people who experimented on him. This is his story.

Donate and help NARN support more local artists and spread the word about what happened to Ricky Bobby and countless other Macaques.