Mentor Program

Are you an animal lover? Being vegan is the most effective and direct way to prevent their suffering and save lives. Sign up for a vegan mentor and find out how easy and fulfilling it is to live vegan!

Get a vegan mentor

To many people, living a vegan lifestyle looks compelling, but making the change can seem uncomfortable or even overwhelming. NARN’s Vegan Mentor Program is here to help. We provide personal support for making an easy transition to a lifestyle of compassion.

To learn more about veganism, visit our Vegan FAQs.

To request a vegan mentor, residents of Western Washington can fill out our vegan wannabe form and one of our volunteer vegan mentors will contact you.

Become a vegan mentor

If you’ve been vegan for at least two years and live in Western Washington, we’d love to have you as a volunteer mentor for people who are interested in becoming vegan. Please fill out our mentor form, and we’ll be in touch.