Seattle Aquarium Captivity is Cruelty Demo

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Seattle Aquarium Captivity is Cruelty Demo

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As we wait for demo day, sign the petition demanding change at the Seattle Aquarium here:

Given the major success of our first demo, we want to still hit tourist season before it’s over this season. Join NARN and other animal advocates for a demo in front of the Seattle Aquarium. We will be there to educate the public about the following:

– SEA aquarium’s practice of imprisoning multiple Octopuses every year
– SEA’s currently under construction, potentially unsafe tank for Sharks, Rays, and other tropical Fish, likely captured in the wild from the South Pacific
– how hundreds of animals have been left to suffer and die in a warehouse in South Seattle

Taxpayer dollars, a lot of which had been taken from funds intended to support critical infrastructure and housing, have been used to fund the aquarium, including $20M given to the new shark tank being built on the waterfront.

Animals don’t deserve to be captured and imprisoned for a few moments of entertainment.

We will have leaflets and signs, but please feel free to make and bring your own. Learn more about NARN’s campaign here:


September 24, 2023
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm