NARN Board

Rachel Bjork

Where did yRachel Bjorkou grow up?
Seattle! I am a rare Seattle native. I am lucky to have grown up on Capitol Hill in the heart of Seattle. I am grateful that my parents sent me to schools with a diverse student population, and that I learned to enjoy and learn from people that are different from me.

Why vegan?
I become vegan in 2000. I had previously been a slow convert to vegetarianism because I thought it was healthier. After coming back home from attending college out of state, I started going to EarthSave potlucks in Seattle and watched a few videos about what happens to dairy cows and layer hens. I learned that not only were eggs and dairy unhealthy, but what happened to animals raised or food was just horrible. I just knew I couldn’t be a part of something so awful. Simply not contributing to such injustice seemed like the least I could do.

Why animal rights activism & why NARN?
Since I was in High School, I knew that I wanted my life to matter and to me, that meant working on making the world a better place. I wanted to do what I could to change the world for the better.  I am not happy sitting back and allowing injustice to happen. I love being involved with NARN because we believe in community, inclusion, that animal activism is a social justice movement and that a variety of tactics are necessary in order to achieve Animal Liberation. I love being a part of a wonderful community that is always striving to do better.

What inspires you? 
Other activists! Not the superstars of the movement, but the everyday “average” folks that spend their free time fighting for the animals.

Stephanie Campbell

stephanie campbell

Why vegan?
In 2003 I was searching the internet for information on The
Matrix movies, I stumbled across a video called The Meatrix on
YouTube. I was upset at the amount of animal suffering and
environmental damage caused by factory farming, and I decided I did not want to pay for this to happen.

Why animal rights activism & why NARN?
After moving to Oregon near Portland in 2017, I was at a restaurant and saw flyers for a vegan Diner group. I went there and met a woman who was trying to get support to start
Anonymous for the Voiceless chapter. She explained what that was, and she stated that veganism is not the moral Baseline, animal activism is. As an introvert, I didn’t want any part of this, but I realized it was time to get out of my comfort zone and help the animals. So I became an activist.
I learned about NARN after moving to Washington State in 2018 at an activism Workshop, and I wanted to be part of this organization, to continue with activism for the animals. When an opening came for a board member, I was very happy to be accepted.

What inspires you?
I am inspired by knowing that each of us can make a difference. Visiting and volunteering at animal sanctuaries, talking to new vegans, and seeing the inspirational stories on social media in the news makes me realize that we are moving towards a more
compassionate world.

Adam Farmer

Adam FarmerWhere did you grow up?
I was born and raised in Cleveland, OH. Cleveland has a great vegan community and is more vegan-friendly than people might think. But I was ready for a change, and things fell into place for a move to Seattle in 2015, so I went for it and am so glad I did!

Why vegan?
I initially went vegan for the health benefits, but as an animal lover, that issue had been in the back of my mind for a long time. Once I made the choice to go vegan I started reading as much as I could, not just on the health issue, but also the animals and environment. Once I learned of the extreme cruelty we unnecessarily inflict on animals, I knew I would be vegan for life and that became my primary motivation.

Why animal rights activism & why NARN?
Non-human animals can’t speak or fight for themselves, so we need to be their voice. I believe most people are compassionate and do not want to harm animals, they just don’t fully make the connection between their choices and the harm caused by those choices. I love NARN’s welcoming approach to informing and educating. NARN is extremely inclusive and strives to show the connection between the oppression of animals and other social justice issues. In the end, veganism is an issue of social justice.

What inspires you?
People making changes! Whether it’s the excitement and enthusiasm of a new vegan ready to get out there and change the world, or someone newly curious and wondering how they can start making small positive changes in their life, people everywhere are making a difference.

Adam Vanhee

Adam Vanhee

Where did you grow up?

Where did you grow up? On a wheat farm in Eastern Washington.

Why Vegan?

Because once I understood the torment farmed animals endure I
could no longer be part of that horror.

Why animal rights activism & why NARN?
Animals don’t start wars, Animals don’t even ask for special treatment, the only crime an animal commits is that of being themselves. Animals are truly unheard and misunderstood.  From a very young age children are taught to see dogs and cows or cats and pigs (the list goes on) as not equal and grow up believing a cows life doesn’t matter or a pigs screams are not heard and that is the root of all that is evil in the world.

What inspires you?
Blind Kindness.

Kedar Dave

KedarWhere did you grow up?
Gujarat, India.

Why vegan?
I was raised vegetarian, have always had a fondness for animals and veganism embodies every aspect of my belief system.

Why animal rights activism & why NARN?
I want to support animal rights activists whichever way I can and NARN provides me that opportunity.

What inspires you? 
Not giving up in the face of adversity.

NARN Advisory Board

The Advisory Board continues to evolve since its birth in the summer of 2015. Some of the ways the Advisory Board contributes to NARN’s overall mission:

  • Advising on annual plan of campaigns and activities
  • Act as a “subject matter expert“ and contribute to training information or events
  • Promoting NARN events and fundraising
  • Advise on sensitive or important social justice issues or represent an under represented
  • And more!


The NARN Team are some of our amazing volunteers that have committed to taking on and managing specific campaigns or areas of focus.

  • Melissa Allison, Blogger & Letter Writing Coordinator
  • Jim Becker & Doug Armstrong, Leafleting Champions
  • Michael Crouch, Volunteer CPA and VIP Record Keeper
  • Alyne Fortgang & Nancy Pennington, Friends of Woodland Park Zoo Elephant
  • Bethany Ionta, Button Maker & Communications (and more)
  • Barb Levy, Graphic Designer & Merchandise Coordinator
  • Pete Keller , Vegan Mentor Program Coordinator
  • Amelia Michlig, Web and UX Design and Programming
  • Bryan Schultz, and Tech Support
  • Adam Ef, Volunteer Program Coordinator
  • Gabe Yoachum, NARN Newsletter and Tech Support
  • Gloria Samuels, Meet-up Coordinator

Get Involved

Have a skill set you’d like to use to help animals? Reach out & let us know! We are a volunteer driven organization and are always looking for people enthusiastic about doing what they can to help animals.

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