Take Action For Bears!

Stop Spring Bear Hunting in Washington State


Your help is needed to end Washington’s cruel and unnecessary spring bear hunts! Yes, our state is one of the few that hunts bears when they are first emerging from hibernation. Spring hunts are in addition to our long regular summer-fall bear hunting season.

Bears in our state are hunted every month in which they are not hibernating except July. Hunters are allowed to kill females with cubs and bear cubs. No records are kept on the number of bear cubs that are orphaned and left to die. Most bear hunting is trophy hunting; often only the pelt is used. Hunters are allowed to kill two bears each year across our state even though bear density and mortality rates vary widely in different areas. WA State’s management of our black bears is unacceptable.

Please join this effort by sending comments and speaking up. We will need the help of hundreds of people to end spring bear hunts. This fall we have another opportunity to end spring bear hunting in our state. These are special hunts that must be approved each year. Our state’s wildlife commission will consider and vote on whether to have them again in 2022.

3 Ways to Take Action!

    1. Submit comments opposing the proposed spring bear hunt by October 21, 2021. Here are some talking points!
      Complete this brief survey to register your opposition, and email comments to 2020SpringBear@PublicInput.com and commission@dfw.wa.gov
    2. Register now to speak up for bears at the October 22-23 public hearing, and tell the Commission you are opposed to this barbaric practice.
      If you need help putting your comments together, please contact steph@narn.org and we would be happy to assist.
      See NARN’s previous comment here.
    3. *SAVE THE DATE* to speak at the November 19th Fish & Wildlife Commission meeting when adoption is expected to take place.

Please share this information with your friends and family! Most constituents don’t often show up to speak about wildlife policy, which means organized hunting groups usually control the discussion. Help us change that, by sharing now!
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Stop Spring Bear Hunts in WA State!

Tell the WDFW & Governor Inslee's Office to Stop Spring Bear Hunts in Washington!