Washington State’s Legislative is is session and many bills are getting introduced.

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One promising Bill that has been introduced is the The Humane Pet Sales Bill,  HB 1424. This Bill would stop new stores from selling dogs and cats.

The vast majority of puppies sold in pet stores come from puppy mills. Every year thousands of puppies born in puppy mills are brought into Washington State and sold to unsuspecting consumers in pet stores. This Bill would would help stop the flow of dogs from puppy mills and other breeders, and it would be a win for cats and dogs in Washington State.

We want to thank our friends at Pasado’s Safe Haven for working so hard to get this bill introduced, and we encourage you to contact your Representative and ask them to SUPPORT House Bill 1424.

You don’t need to write a lengthy letter, just let them know that you care about cats and dogs, and you want them to actively Support and vote YES on the Bill.

You can comment on the bill here.

To comment, click the link above. Then click on the comment button to the right of the bill status box (see image below). On the next screen, verify your district then write your note!

Find your Representative here.

WA HB Bill Comment Instructions