Support TEASPA for circus animals!!

Support TEASPA for circus animals!!

Jo-Anne McArthur / One Voice /

Today, Sept. 30, NARN asks that all its members reach out to their U.S. senators and representatives to tell them how important it is that they support the Traveling Exotic Animal and Public Safety Protection Act.

First, go to this link and create a Facebook profile picture that supports TEASPA. Type in “Animal Defenders International” to get a profile photo that supports this bill with hashtags #FederalCircusBill and #StopCircusSuffering.

Then write to your U.S. senators and representatives (find your senators and representatives) asking them to move S2121 and HR2863 to a vote and to pass this important legislation. Tweet and post on their Facebook pages, too — and follow up with a call to be sure these bills are finally passed.

Some talking points for you: TEAPSPA will stop the suffering of circus animals. Studies on the use of wild animals in traveling acts show that circuses cannot meet the physical or behavioral needs of wild animals. Animals are confined in small spaces, deprived of physical and social needs, and spend excessive time shut in trailers and train cars. These animals often demonstrate abnormal behaviors – rocking, swaying, and pacing – indicating they are in distress and not coping with their environment. ADI’s video evidence shows these animals are forced to perform tricks through physical violence, fear, and intimidation.

The time has come to end traveling animal acts. Tell your family, friends and neighbors. Let’s raise a ruckus and get this thing done! Thank you!!

Tell WA Fish + Wildlife what you think of ‘post-recovery’ plan for wolves

The Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife — the agency that killed a wolf pack on behalf of a single rancher (the fifth pack killed for that rancher) while a judge was issuing a restraining order saying the department could not kill that pack while a lawsuit about it was ongoing — thinks wolves are doing so well that we need a “post-recovery” plan for them.

The department is taking public comments. Here are details regarding what they’re looking for, and here’s a link where you can let them know what you think of the whole idea.

Sample letter:

Dear WA Fish & Wildlife,
As you continue to kill wolves for the Diamond M Ranch, most recently while a judge was telling you not to, it is clearly too early for a post-recovery wolf program. But if you’re going to create one, then the highlight should be enhanced nonviolent conflict resolution training for ranchers who graze their cattle on public land. The second priority should be a public awareness campaign for wolf recovery that highlights wolf ecology, behavior and needs taking into account research and work by the Center for Biological Diversity. Please do your jobs with integrity and keep in mind that you’re working for us, the citizens — not ranchers.
Thank you,

Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals