Here’s a silly bill to oppose: Attempt to ban cell-cultured meat in WA

i Feb 1st by

Brought to you by four state reps, including the one who keeps proposing a bill to turn eastern Washington into its own state called “Liberty” and one who’s been on the Southern Resident Killer Whale Task Force:

“The legislature finds that there have been 8 recent efforts to develop cell-cultured meat, which is a meat product 9 grown in laboratories from cell cultures of animal muscle or organ 10 tissue. Cell-cultured meat is also known as in vitro meat, lab-grown 11 meat, synthetic meat, or fake meat. There is uncertainty regarding 12 which government entities should appropriately regulate this product 13 and whether the word ‘meat’ is an accurate descriptor in compliance 14 with current laws. The legislature finds that there is insufficient 15 information about cell-cultured meat to authorize its sale safely 16 into the Washington food system.” — House Bill 1519