Senate vote on horse slaughter and cruel experiments

i Jul 15th by

It’s a big week in the U.S. Senate, with an agriculture appropriations bill coming up for a vote that will include two key animal issues:

The first is about horse slaughter. An amendment that would help prevent the opening of horse slaughter plants — which often kill young, healthy animals and sell their meat to other countries — narrowly failed in the House. Now it needs to pass the Senate.

The second issue would protect farm animals from the kind of cruel experiments uncovered by The New York Times’ investigation into the U.S. Meat Animal Research Center in Nebraska. Pigs, cows and lambs are among the animals who endure grisly treatment at taxpayers’ expense, to help the declining meat industry. The appropriations bill needs to include language thta will ensure federal agricultural research meets basic animal welfare standards.


If you live in Washington, please call Sen. Patty Murray at 202-224-2621 (who sits on the Appropriations Committee) and Sen. Maria Cantwell at 202-224-3441 to encourage them to support the amendment to defund inspections of horse slaughter plants and to support language that would protect farm animals from abuses in federal research facilities.

Calls take about one minute each and send the most powerful message. It’s also helpful to follow up with a written message — and you’ll find your Senators’ email addresses here.