A Strike Against Fur

i Jun 25th by

Investec is a large South African bank that provides an extensive range of financial services.  No doubt as a public relations ploy, it also dabbles in conservation. According to its own website, “at the heart of Investec’s values is our firm commitment to society and the environment [i.e $$$].” To demonstrate this so-called commitment, Investec established the well-publicized Investec Rhino Lifeline, aiming to “raise awareness of the rhino crisis through education, rescue and prevention initiatives.” HOWEVER, what is less known is that Investec maintains lucrative business relations with fur companies, and even after being made fully aware of the atrocities involved, officially declared itself to be indifferent to the suffering of animals in the fur trade. Please take a moment to email them and point out their position is immoral and hypocritical, and that you will avoid any dealings with their bank in the future. Which might be hard, but you gotta do what you gotta do, right? 🙂