There isn't anything better you can do with 5 MINUTES of your day…

i Mar 15th by

…than oppose SSB 5187. This is legislation that would allow owners of farm or domestic animals to just go out and kill wolves whenever — no need to try non-lethal methods first, no need to even obtain permission. It has already passed the Senate. PLEASE make a quick, polite call to your state representative (if you don’t know name and number, check here).  All you need to say is ‘Please oppose SSB 5187 and protect wolves in Washington’.  Many people don’t like making these calls, but make yourself do it; it achieves a lot. You will be talking to a secretary, volunteer, or answering machine, and it will be quick and easy. Then, take 30 more seconds and fill in and submit this form as a follow-up.

I just did these things and it actually took THREE minutes.  GO!