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Animal Rights Groups Unite to Get Wolves the Protection They Need
This week a number of animal advocacy groups filed a lawsuit in federal court against the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) and the Department of the Interior to restore federal protections for gray wolves in the western Great Lakes region, which were removed last year….“In the short time since federal protections have been removed, trophy hunters and trappers have killed hundreds of Great Lakes wolves under hostile state management programs that encourage dramatic reductions in wolf populations,”

Longitudinal Analysis of Attitudes Toward Wolves
This study of Wisconsin residents’ attitudes toward wolves found an increase in fear of wolves and an increase in support for lethal control methods from 2001-2004 to 2009. The study also found an increase in the belief that wolves compete with hunters for deer and even an increased inclination to personally poach a wolf. The study’s authors say that legal and illegal killing of wolves in Wisconsin may continue to grow and threaten the abundance of the species unless action is taken.


Turlock farmers charged after hens starve
Prosecutors say two poultry farmers accused of leaving 50,000 hens to starve are facing felony animal cruelty charges.  Andy Cheung and Lien Diep were arraigned Monday on the charges in Stanislaus County Superior Court.  If convicted, they could face up to three years in prison and $20,000 in fines.


Being Vegan – It Can Happen Just Like This
A few months back there was a report issued by The United Nations stating that it would seem to be imperative that most of the world’s population should switch to a plant-based diet by the year 2050 in order to ensure that there would be enough food and water on the planet for the increased population that will be present at that time.   This was not put forth by a bunch of politicians and diplomats but a group of scientists, largely from the prestigious Stockholm International Water Institute.

An Inquiry into Animal Rights Vegan Activists’ Perception and Practice of Persuasion
This thesis paper investigates the strategies of “animal rights vegan activists,” with emphasis on their persuasive practices and why they have failed to convince large numbers of people to become vegan. The author examines a wide range of tactics and explores two case studies involving the “Holocaust on Your Plate” campaign by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and the college leafleting promoted by Vegan Outreach.

Traces of Anxiety Drug May Affect Behavior in Fish
Traces of a common psychiatric medication that winds up in rivers and streams may affect fish behavior and feeding patterns, according to a study in the journal Science published Thursday.  Researchers reported that fish exposed to Oxazepam became less social, more active and ate faster, behaviors they said could have long-term consequences for aquatic ecosystems.


Legislature needs to stop anti-whistleblower legislation in its tracks
This anti-whistleblower legislation is unnecessary and unjust. And, given the fact that Wallis is the chief executive of a company that has proposed horse slaughterhouse plants in Oklahoma, Missouri and the Riverton area, it’s unethical.  If animal abuse isn’t enough to turn your stomach, think about undercover operations that have stopped the spread of foodborne illnesses and the shipping of meat from sick animals.


Vegan couture: Faux meets fabulous
For Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart, being vegan isn’t only about what she eats and chooses to wear each day.  Avoiding meat and dairy in her diet and animal-derived products in her closet is just part of the equation for the 30-year-old designer, businesswoman and animal lover. As founder of fashion label Vaute Couture, her dedication to creating animal-free coats, sweaters and other cold-weather gear has earned her a global cult following among animal rights activists and eco-conscious fashionistas.