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Comment in Support of Listing Lesser Prairie Chicken as Threatened

The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service is accepting public comment in its proposed rule to list the Lesser Prairie Chicken as Threatened. The listing would protect many acres of wild grasslands in Northern Texas and surrounding states and restrict oil drilling, development, and ranching operations in those areas. This would not only help the listed species, but many other species and the environment as a whole.

Please go here to submit a comment in support of listing the Lesser Prairie Chicken as Threatened:!submitComment;D=FWS-R2-ES-2012-0071-0001

You do not need to fill our every field in section 1 but make sure you post your comment [section 2] and submit it [section 4]. The more you can write in support the better. Be articulate and professional so your comment will carry more weight.

For some background you can view the USFWS news release here: