Action Alerts

Action Alerts


Take Action for Chimps
On January 22, the Working Group on the Use of Chimpanzees in NIH-Supported Research presented its final report to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Council of Councils, which voted unanimously to support the report’s 28 recommendations. They call for the retirement of the majority of government-supported chimps as soon as new homes can be built and the suspension of half of all current studies using chimpanzees. If accepted by NIH, 350 chimpanzees will be immediately and permanently retired from research!
NIH has opened a 60-day comment period in which the public can weigh in on chimpanzee retirement and voice support and/or concerns about the Working Group’s recommendations. We need your help to ensure that chimpanzee retirement becomes a reality!
Please check out this link to send comments to the NIH


Tell Congress To End Cruel, Wasteful, Taxpayer-funded Animal Experiments
Tell Congress to end cruelty in labs and provide stricter oversight for granting money to biomedical research, and to ensure that all NIH-funded experiments comply with its stated mission to enhance human health. See this link for the cruelty and waste.


Find and contact your U.S. Senators

Find and contact your U.S. Representative


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Living Humane

News of Note


Military is required to justify using animals in medic training after pressure from activists
The war between animal activists and the Pentagon has raged for decades. You could say there’s been a fair amount of collateral damage: thousands of goats and pigs have been mutilated, though the military argues the animals have not died in vain…The demand, tucked into the National Defense Authorization Act of 2013, marks the first time Congress has ordered the Pentagon to provide a detailed plan to start relying less on animals and more on simulators. The military must also specify whether removing animals from training sessions could lead to a “reduction in the competency of combat medical personnel,” according to the bill.


Animal attorneys? Connecticut bill would allow advocates to speak for animals in court
“HB 6310 would give the option for an advocate in court for an egregiously injured animal,” said Urban, a Democrat from North Stonington, Conn. “This would enable the animal’s injury to be identified as a red flag for future violent behavior. We are putting together a public/private partnership with the state Department of Agriculture and nonprofit rescue groups including Connecticut Votes for Animals to be available to speak for the animals in court.”


The horse-meat scandal….And the winner is
On the face of it, local butchers and vegetarianism have little in common. But—upholding the principle that every crisis helps someone—both have been buoyed by the recent discovery, in Britain and elsewhere, of horse meat in dishes supposedly made of beef.  A poll by ComRes, a market-research agency, showed that 7% of respondents had stopped eating meat altogether as a result of the equine scandal.


Ditching dairy
The reasons are as plentiful and varied as the consumers giving dairy-free living a whirl. Some of us struggle to digest milk as we age and the small intestine stops producing lactase, the enzyme that digests lactose. Some people eliminate dairy to address specific health conditions. Others are eliminating animal products altogether in favor of a vegan lifestyle.


Silicon Valley Embraces Innovation in Sustainable Foods
Khosla is backing other sustainable food startups, such as an organic and healthier candy company (Unreal Candy), a salt replacement product (Nu-Tek Salt), a plant-based meat replacement startup (Sand Hill Foods), and a fake cheese company. During Khosla’s limited-partners meeting last summer, Bill Gates called the budding food innovation movement—which is making food more sustainable and also cheaper—a “huge thing” that “will confound the pessimists.” Gates’s team also recently created and will soon release a documentary about four food innovation startups, one of which is Hampton Creek Foods.


This Is What Vegans Eat
After I decided to go vegan several years ago, I found that many people in my life were perplexed as to what I would eat. Friends never knew what to make when they invited me to their house and often simply wondered exactly what I subsisted on every day. No matter how much I tried to explain that it wasn’t that complicated, I still felt a certain wonder coming from them whenever I’d say that I just had a delicious meal.


Week in Vegan
GQ Eats Vegan, Vegans Cook Naked, and Everyone is Obsessed with Horse Meat


Pat Derby, Champion of Animal Welfare, Dies at 69
Pat Derby, a former animal trainer for television shows like “Lassie” and “Flipper” who became a crusader against animal exploitation in entertainment and founded of one of the largest privately operated wildlife sanctuaries in the United States, died last Friday at her home in San Andreas, Calif. She was 69.


Animal rights activists aim to ban lead bullets for hunting
Environmentalists and animal rights groups have been pushing for the state of California to ban the use of lead bullets for all types of hunting in order to protect the endangered California condor.

Action Alerts

Ask your Representative and Senator to Support the Spay/Neuter Assistance Bill (HB 1229 and SB 5202)
Spay/neuter assistance bills have been introduced in the 2013 Washington State Legislature: SB 5202 and HB 1229. Hearings were held on February 5 and 6 in Olympia.

Please let your Senator know that you want to see SB 5202 passed, and your Representative know you want HB 1229.
Emails, phone calls & letters are best.

To find your legislature and their contact info, see this link

Elephant Tania Needs Your Help
Tell the European Commissioner for the Environment, who is responsible for implementing and enforcing the EU Zoo Directive to investigate Tania’s situation, and work toward raising standards to improve the lives of millions of zoo animals in the European Union.
Tania is a 37-year-old elephant suffering a life of solitary confinement at the Targu-Mures Zoo in Romania, transferred from an Italian zoo in September. Although the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria requires that zoos house female elephants in groups, Tania continues to languish without the company of other elephants. This is cruel punishment for female elephants, who are profoundly social.


Mr. Janez Potocnik
Commissioner for the Environment
European Commission
Environment DG, B-1049
Brussels, Belgium

Also, ask the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria to take immediate action to alleviate Tania’s suffering and integrate her with other elephants.

EAZA Executive Office
Dr. Lesley Dickie
Executive Director
c/o Artis Zoo – Amsterdam
PO Box 20164
1000 HD Amsterdam
The Netherlands

For more information, see IDA


Save the AstraZeneca Beagles
Contact AstraZeneca TODAY urging them to release the beagles for adoption and NOT send them to labs.
Please support calls being made by our Swedish friends at Djurrättsalliansen (Animal Rights Alliance) that hundreds of beagles currently housed at AstraZeneca kennels in Sweden, earmarked for closure, be rehomed, instead of being sent to facilities to be used as research tools.
The beagles near Örkelljungain are currently destined to be sent to the UK, to AstraZeneca labs in Cheshire, and we have been informed Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS), where they will be subjected to cruel and painful tests.
According to The Times, the closure is part of a £1 billion cost-cutting drive involving 7,300 job cuts and the company buying in, rather than breeding, dogs. In addition to the Swedish facility, AstraZeneca is also closing kennels in the UK.


Please contact AstraZeneca TODAY urging them to release the beagles for adoption. Send a polite email to and

Please ask the airline Aeronova not to transport animals for research. Send a polite email to and

Contact the UK Prime Minister David Cameron and the Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt asking them to take immediate action to prevent the beagles being sent for research

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In Defense of Animals

News of Note


Animal Rights Groups Unite to Get Wolves the Protection They Need
This week a number of animal advocacy groups filed a lawsuit in federal court against the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) and the Department of the Interior to restore federal protections for gray wolves in the western Great Lakes region, which were removed last year….“In the short time since federal protections have been removed, trophy hunters and trappers have killed hundreds of Great Lakes wolves under hostile state management programs that encourage dramatic reductions in wolf populations,”

Longitudinal Analysis of Attitudes Toward Wolves
This study of Wisconsin residents’ attitudes toward wolves found an increase in fear of wolves and an increase in support for lethal control methods from 2001-2004 to 2009. The study also found an increase in the belief that wolves compete with hunters for deer and even an increased inclination to personally poach a wolf. The study’s authors say that legal and illegal killing of wolves in Wisconsin may continue to grow and threaten the abundance of the species unless action is taken.


Turlock farmers charged after hens starve
Prosecutors say two poultry farmers accused of leaving 50,000 hens to starve are facing felony animal cruelty charges.  Andy Cheung and Lien Diep were arraigned Monday on the charges in Stanislaus County Superior Court.  If convicted, they could face up to three years in prison and $20,000 in fines.


Being Vegan – It Can Happen Just Like This
A few months back there was a report issued by The United Nations stating that it would seem to be imperative that most of the world’s population should switch to a plant-based diet by the year 2050 in order to ensure that there would be enough food and water on the planet for the increased population that will be present at that time.   This was not put forth by a bunch of politicians and diplomats but a group of scientists, largely from the prestigious Stockholm International Water Institute.

An Inquiry into Animal Rights Vegan Activists’ Perception and Practice of Persuasion
This thesis paper investigates the strategies of “animal rights vegan activists,” with emphasis on their persuasive practices and why they have failed to convince large numbers of people to become vegan. The author examines a wide range of tactics and explores two case studies involving the “Holocaust on Your Plate” campaign by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and the college leafleting promoted by Vegan Outreach.

Traces of Anxiety Drug May Affect Behavior in Fish
Traces of a common psychiatric medication that winds up in rivers and streams may affect fish behavior and feeding patterns, according to a study in the journal Science published Thursday.  Researchers reported that fish exposed to Oxazepam became less social, more active and ate faster, behaviors they said could have long-term consequences for aquatic ecosystems.


Legislature needs to stop anti-whistleblower legislation in its tracks
This anti-whistleblower legislation is unnecessary and unjust. And, given the fact that Wallis is the chief executive of a company that has proposed horse slaughterhouse plants in Oklahoma, Missouri and the Riverton area, it’s unethical.  If animal abuse isn’t enough to turn your stomach, think about undercover operations that have stopped the spread of foodborne illnesses and the shipping of meat from sick animals.


Vegan couture: Faux meets fabulous
For Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart, being vegan isn’t only about what she eats and chooses to wear each day.  Avoiding meat and dairy in her diet and animal-derived products in her closet is just part of the equation for the 30-year-old designer, businesswoman and animal lover. As founder of fashion label Vaute Couture, her dedication to creating animal-free coats, sweaters and other cold-weather gear has earned her a global cult following among animal rights activists and eco-conscious fashionistas.

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Don’t Fear the Vegan

News of Note

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Mice Fall Short as Test Subjects for Humans’ Deadly Ills
For decades, mice have been the species of choice in the study of human diseases. But now, researchers report evidence that the mouse model has been totally misleading for at least three major killers — sepsis, burns and trauma. As a result, years and billions of dollars have been wasted following false leads, they say.


Sen. Avella, animal rights’ group, calls for end to squirrel killing fundraiser
Sen. Tony Avella, D-Whitestone, along with animal advocacy group Friends of Animals, spoke out against a competitive squirrel shooting fundraiser in the Village of Holley, Orleans County, that involves children using guns to shoot as many squirrels as they can.


Safety Concerns Stoke Criticism of Kennel Club
To most animal lovers, the A.K.C. is best known as the go-to place for registering purebred puppies and as the governing body for dog shows, including the regal Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, which opens Monday in New York. The A.K.C. is “dedicated to upholding the integrity of its registry, promoting the sport of purebred dogs and breeding for type and function,” according to its mission statement.  But the A.K.C. is increasingly finding itself ostracized in the dog world, in the cross hairs of animal protection services, law enforcement agencies and lawmakers who say that the club is lax in performing inspections and that it often lobbies against basic animal rights bills because they could cut into dog registration fees.


Study: Vegetarian diet slashes heart disease risk
The risk of hospitalization or death from heart disease is 32% lower in vegetarians than in people who eat meat and fish, according to a British study.  “Most of the difference in risk is probably caused by effects on cholesterol and blood pressure, and shows the important role of diet in the prevention of heart disease,” Francesca Crowe, PhD, the study’s lead author from the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom, said in a news release.


North Dakota Senate passes animal welfare bill
The North Dakota Senate has unanimously passed a comprehensive overhaul of North Dakota’s animal welfare laws.  The Senate voted 45-0 on Friday to move Senate Bill 2211 to the state House for consideration
SB2211 would define separate types of animal mistreatment, make animal cruelty a felony, set a penalty for leaving an animal in a vehicle without ensuring its safety and set out a clearer process for seizing animals than offered under current state law.


Becoming vegan for ag-vocacy sake
As a mascara addicted, omnivore Okie who grew up cowboy boot top deep in the beef industry, I’ve been criticized by my plant-based diet peers for my so-called “barbaric” lifestyle.  “You’ll be much healthier,” they say. “You’ll feel so much more alive. You’ll be thinner…” I heard it over and over again but when I’d argue my side I’d always be met with the coup de grace:  “How do you know? You’ve never actually tried being vegan.” And they were right. I’ve never tried to be a vegetarian, let alone a vegan.

Action Alerts


Comment in Support of Listing Lesser Prairie Chicken as Threatened

The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service is accepting public comment in its proposed rule to list the Lesser Prairie Chicken as Threatened. The listing would protect many acres of wild grasslands in Northern Texas and surrounding states and restrict oil drilling, development, and ranching operations in those areas. This would not only help the listed species, but many other species and the environment as a whole.

Please go here to submit a comment in support of listing the Lesser Prairie Chicken as Threatened:!submitComment;D=FWS-R2-ES-2012-0071-0001

You do not need to fill our every field in section 1 but make sure you post your comment [section 2] and submit it [section 4]. The more you can write in support the better. Be articulate and professional so your comment will carry more weight.

For some background you can view the USFWS news release here:

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Save Washington Pets