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Vt. college’s ox meat will not be used for food
In the end, Lou met his end in neither a slaughterhouse nor a sanctuary. The Green Mountain College-owned ox, which became the cause célèbre of animal rights advocates across the globe, was euthanized yesterday.  Green Mountain College called off plans to butcher the ox and serve the meat in the school’s dining hall after advocates started pressuring local slaughterhouses.


Being Vegan – Make Every Vote On Your Plate Count
We had an election this past week.  As far as the White House goes it seems like about half the country is very pleased right now and another little less than half not so pleased.  It is my hope that we can find some middle ground to work on and start to get some things done.  Goodness knows we have a lot to work on.  I was disappointed with the outcome of Prop 37 in California to require mandatory labeling of GMO’s and bring at least one of our states into modern times with most of the rest of the world.  This was a proposition that was leading in the polls until corporate giants like Monsanto put almost $50 million into a campaign to defeat the proposition.  Money might not be able to buy you love but it can buy you lies.


The Food Movement Takes a Beating
Money, lies and mistakes crushed the forward-thinking votes in California, but these are battles lost in a war that will be won. The notions that we need to know what’s in our food and that food should not be harmful have not been defeated. It’s a question of finding the right strategy.


Mainstream crusade – how the animal rights movement boomed
In “Another Bloody Business”, Four Corners graphically revealed the slaughter and once again exposed the political fault lines.  These reports have reignited the ethical and economic questions around the trade of transporting live animals to be slaughtered in a foreign marketplace. There are renewed calls for a ban to be placed on the industry, with increasing pressure from Labor backbenchers, the Greens, and Independent MP Andrew Wilkie.


Group brings suit over animal testing
Animal rights activists want to take the University of Minnesota to court over its alleged secrecy in animal testing.  The Animal Legal Defense Fund and Minneapolis resident Isaac Peter filed a lawsuit against the University of Minnesota on Thursday, accusing its Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee of violating the state’s open records and open meetings laws.


A Vegetarian Thanksgiving Table
Every year, Well goes vegetarian for Thanksgiving to celebrate the fall harvest and the delicious vegetable dishes that take up most of the space on holiday tables.  This year, we have another terrific lineup of vegan and vegetarian recipes from some of your favorite food writers and chefs.


Strays Amid Rome Ruins Set Off a Culture Clash
The shelter, in an underground space abutting a cherished archaeological site, consists of several bright, cage-lined rooms that hold dozens of strays at a time and has gained fame — and donations — as a popular tourist draw.  But after a couple of decades of tolerated, if not quite authorized, occupancy, Italy’s state archaeologists have told the association that it has to go, saying the illegal occupation risks damaging a fragile ancient monument.


The Case Against Big Cat Ownership
More tigers live in private captivity in Texas than in the wild, where conservationists estimate that around 3,000 of the endangered animals remain. No one knows for sure how many big cats — including tigers, lions, panthers, cheetahs, leopards and others — are kept today in backyards and apartments across the United States, but estimates run as high as 20,000. (The Endangered Species Act does not prohibit domestic trade in captive-bred wildlife.)