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Tell Filmmakers that Hurting and Killing Animals for a Film is Unacceptable
Whistleblowers have exposed the facts that during the film of The Hobbit, in all, 5 horses, 12 chickens, 1 pony, and several goats and sheep were allegedly maimed or killed. Send a message to filmmakers that hurting and killing animals for a film is unacceptable and refuse to support any movies that use live animals. Urge Peter Jackson to hold himself and his production staff responsible when it comes to animal safety in movies.


Peter Jackson’s production company:
WingNut Films P.O. Box 15-208
Wellington 6003
New Zealand
phone (011) 6443889939
fax (011) 6443889449


Ask Nordstroms to stop carrying fur

Believe it or not, Nordstrom’s carries fur.  The Nordstrom’s family claims to support animals and that they only carry fur due to customer demand.  Let them know how you feel about Nordstrom’s purchasing the skins of animals that were killed by such methods as drowning, poisoning, strangulation, genital electrocution, and being trapped or beaten to death. Send them an email, or call them and let them know you will not shop at Nordstrom’s until they pledge to stop carrying fur.

phone:  1.888.282.6060


sign the petition to ask Nordstorm to stop carrying fur!