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Animal rights groups in Philippines resist export of wild dolphins to RWS
Environmental and animal rights groups in the Philippines are refusing to concede defeat in their fight to prevent 25 Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins from being re-exported to the Marine Life Park at Resorts World Sentosa (RWS).


PETA happy about Animal Practice TV show cancellation
Now animal rights activists have spoken out about the cancellation, applauding fans for not tuning in to support the employment of pets for the sake of human entertainment.  A statement from executive Julia Galluci reads, “PETA’s staff are celebrating today in response to news that NBC’s Animal Practice has been cancelled. The cancellation of Animal Practice sends the strong message that using animals for cheap laughs on TV shows is archaic and uninteresting to today’s viewers, who are sophisticated enough to know that not only is putting a monkey in a lab coat not funny, it’s also cruel.”


Meat-Free Product Sales Are Rising as Meat Consumption Falls
There’s one area that’s gaining traction by the day: meat reduction. Some savvy businesses have noticed a decreasing demand for meat and are creating new products to meet every meat-free need. Others are using the popular Meatless Monday program to improve employee wellness or to encourage customers to eat healthier by cutting out meat one day a week.


Habitat park or ‘animal concentration camp’?
It’s been more than a century since Istanbul’s residents were kept awake at night by the howling of tens of thousands of stray dogs.The dogs were rounded up and shipped to a deserted island in the Marmara Sea where they starved to death — all part of a government-led effort to modernize Istanbul. But the stories surrounding the so-called “Great Dog Massacre of 1910” are still fresh in the minds of Turkey’s animal rights activists. Today, these activists are staging massive protests against a proposal to create “natural habitat parks” for stray cats and dogs in Turkey’s urban areas.

Meet Moses, the orphaned baby elephant raised by a human mom
Webb is the founder of Jumbo Foundation, an orphanage for large animals, so she wasn’t fazed by the idea of caring for an infant who’s larger than she is. She sleeps with Moses on a mattress on the dining room floor, gets up to feed him at night, puts sunscreen on him to protect his sensitive skin (in the wild, elephant calves find shade by standing underneath their mothers, but clearly that’s not going to work here), and shows him how to do elephant things like take dust baths.


Gone Vegan: Halfway There
For those who didn’t read my first article, here’s a quick brief: I’m spending the month of October as a vegan, trying not to eat any animal byproducts for 31 days: no milk, no cheese, no meat. Now I’m officially past the halfway mark, and needless to say, it’s been an adventure.


Controversies in animal welfare
Animal welfare and improving, monitoring and evaluating it are a high priority for the American Meat Institute and its members. But animal welfare, specifically for cattle and swine, is a complex subject not without its own controversies.  At the 2012 AMI Animal Care & Handling Conference this week in Kansas City, Mo., veterinary experts discussed the interface between animal welfare and consumers.