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Help Stop the Killing of Wolves in Washington State

Washington’s newest wolf pack — only one of eight in the state — will be shot and killed, one by one unless we speak out.

Just a few months ago, we celebrated the discovery of Washington State’s eighth wolf pack, named the Wedge pack for the wedge-shaped part of the county between the Kettle River on the west and the Columbia River on the east. However, this newly discovered pack has been unjustly blamed for attacking livestock, and the state has issued a kill order for all the adults in the pack.
Washington State officials are bending under pressure from a single disgruntled rancher — and despite expert claims that wolves were not responsible for injuring his livestock, officials have refused to call off the killing.
They’ve already shot one female from the pack, and the state is set to deploy a team of sharp-shooters as early as tomorrow morning to finish off the grisly job — unless you help raise enough of an outcry to stop them.
Call or write to Washington Governor Christine Gregoire and Director of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Phil Anderson and tell them: don’t kill any more members of the Wedge pack. This pack is just one of only eight in your state, and it’s your responsibility to protect them. The future of wolves in Washington State may hinge on the precedents being set by you today.

Christine Gregoire
Governor of WA
Phone: 360-902-4111

Phil Anderson
Director, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
Phone: 360-902-2200


Ask Airlines to Stop Transporting Nonhuman Primates

Many airlines have discontinued shipping nonhuman primates bound for biomedical research laboratories. However, a few are still engaging in this practice. We urge you to write airlines still engaging in the practice of transporting nonhuman primates bound for biomedical research laboratories and ask them to change their policies.

Calin Rovinescu
President and CEO
Air Canada Centre 1235
P.O. Box 14,000
Dorval, Québec
Canada H4Y 1H4

Jean- Cyril Spinetta
Chief Executive Officer
Air France
45, rue de Paris
95 747 Roissy CDG Cedex

Jeff Smisek
President and CEO
Continental Cargo
1600 Smith Street
Houston, TX 77002