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Tell Paris NHP (Non Human Primates) that Animal Exploitation is Not Ethical Business
Paris NHP sells primates to labs all over the Us for so that they can be used in laboratories.  Paris proudly toutes their services and client list

Let them know how you feel about their business of buying and selling living creatures to be tortured and killed in the name of science.  Be polite though, because we aren’t the uncivilized ones.

Paris NHP
Box 1454
Edmonds, WA 98020-1524
Fax: 425-673-1625



Tell the FDA: Crushed beaver anal sacs are not a “natural flavoring”
For years, various food companies have been using “castoreum” to flavor ice cream and other foods. The problem? Castoreum is a fancy word for a compound from the crushed anal “sacs” of beavers.  Not only is this stuff disgusting and inhumane, it’s kept totally secret. Under FDA rules, companies don’t need to include castoreum on the ingredients list — they can just call it “natural flavoring”.  The FDA normally just hears from big business lobbyists, but if we all speak out, we can demand they adopt honest rules about this disgusting practice. That’s why we need everyone to contact them.

Tell the FDA: Please stop allowing “castoreum” to be considered just another “natural flavor” and require food manufacturers to include it on the ingredients. Customers deserve to know when they’re eating animal products.

Federal Drug Administration (FDA)
10903 New Hampshire Avenue
Silver Spring, MD 20993
phone (888) INFO-FDA (888) 463-6332)
online contact form –