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Got Milk? You Don’t Need It
Three months ago, I decided to give up dairy products as a test. Twenty-four hours later, my heartburn was gone. Never, it seems, to return. In fact, I can devour linguine puttanesca (with anchovies) and go to bed an hour later; fellow heartburn sufferers will be impressed. Perhaps equally impressive is that I mentioned this to a friend who had the same problem, tried the same approach, and had the same results. Presto! No dairy, no heartburn!


Missouri town hopes to have first U.S. horse slaughter plant
A town in Missouri is trying to be the first of several in the United States to get a new plant to slaughter horses now that Congress has overruled animal rights groups to allow the killing for the first time in five years.

San Francisco restaurant defies California’s foie gras ban
The restaurant owner, Ray Tang, and its general manager, Maureen Donegan, reasoned that the restaurant can legally ignore state law because the Presidio, now managed mostly as a national park, has remained federal property even after being decommissioned by the Army. Businesses on federal property must adhere to federal regulations, which trump state ones, they say.

Midnight egg amendment in 2012 farm bill escalates animal rights fight
Rep. Steve King’s (R-Iowa) attempt to stop California laws that regulate egg-laying hens and foie gras has escalated an animal-rights battle.  King, in a midnight vote, got an amendment attached to the 2012 farm bill aimed at stopping a California law banning the sale of eggs harvested from hens living in tiny cages where they cannot spread their wings. It also stops another law from banning the sale of foie gras made using forced feeding.


Arian Foster, Texans RB, generates stir by going vegan
We experienced inner-core rumblings in the fantasy football world this week when Houston Texans running back Arian Foster announced to society that he’d become a vegan.

Baby Goats, Vegan Unicorns, and Meat-Eaters are Destroying the Planet!


The pork industry’s advocate in the crate debate
An undercover video of what appeared to be animal abuse sent Howard Hill into action.
An activist shot the video last year at a confinement barn near Kamrar owned by Iowa Select Farms of Iowa Falls, the largest producer of hogs in the state. It was the latest in a series of such videos of hog and hen operations, produced and distributed to the media for maximum shock effect.
Shaken by the publicity and loss of some business, Iowa Select was jarred into what Hill, its director of external operations, said became “a whole new corporate culture.”


Animal groups, marine parks release competing captivity polls
Animal-rights groups and the marine-park industry released dueling public-opinion surveys Monday that each of them said depicted national attitudes toward keeping killer whales and other marine mammals in captivity.