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Animal Rights Groups Argue Against Egg Bill
On top of the infighting among animal agriculture groups over a proposed bill to set national welfare standards for egg production — which has pitted the egg industry against pork, beef, and poultry — there is some conflict among animal rights groups as well. The Humane Farming Association, a California based anti-factory farming group, is trying to convince lawmakers to vote against what it calls the “rotten egg bill,” which has been proposed in both chambers, most recently as an amendment to the 2012 Farm Bill in the Senate.

Investigator: horses being slaughtered on Hillsborough County farms
Horses and other animals are being brutally slaughtered in Hillsborough County, according to a long-time investigator known for uncovering similar operations in south Florida.  Animal Recovery Mission investigator and activist Richard Couto says it’s happening right under our noses, in a semi-rural area behind tidy subdivisions in the Citrus Park area.


Questions remain over animal rights activists’ case
An undercover operation 25 years ago that led to the jailing of two animal rights activists now appears shrouded in mystery..A long-standing investigation by the Guardian has brought to light various aspects of Lambert’s clandestine surveillance unit, set up in 1968 to gather intelligence about anti-Vietnam war protesters. Police continue to maintain an army of spies living long-term in activist groups – the most infamous example being Mark Kennedy, who was last year exposed as a police officer after a seven-year deployment among green activists.


Cruelty Free International Connects With The Body Shop Customers in the U.S. to Call for a Ban on Cosmetics Testing on Animals Worldwide
A global pledge to ban animal testing for cosmetics will be launched today at 264 The Body Shop stores across the U.S. as part of a campaign by Cruelty Free International, the first global organisation dedicated to ending the use of animals to test cosmetics products throughout the world.


Animals are increasingly left in abandoned homes
In a disturbing and growing trend, animals are being left in abandoned homes, often without food and water and living in their own urine and excrement, said Jamie McAloon Lampman, a county animal control officer in Michigan. “I think the economy is playing a role in it for sure,” said McAloon Lampman.


Government forced to take abandoned cartel horses
Federal agents were forced to seize a dozen horses in New Mexico that are part of a racing operation allegedly laundering money for one of Mexico’s most powerful drug cartels, after their trainers refused to continue caring for them, prosecutors said in court documents filed Friday.  Prosecutors had hoped a previous protective order would force companies used to front the alleged operation to pay for the continued care of more than 400 horses. But the government has had to take custody of 12 abandoned this week.

Zoo Officials Saddened By Third Seal’s Death
Cri Cri, the third harbor seal on her way to the St. Louis Zoo has died. The 19-year-old was being cared for at Indianapolis Zoo after she developed problems while in transit from Storybook Gardens, a theme park in Canada.  Her death follows that of two other harbor seals Nunavut (12) and Atlantis (11­) who died on Friday.