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Citizens rally for Mumbai’s tired horses
A group of citizens and animal rights NGOs have come together to collect 10,000 signatures in order to stop cruelty towards horses in the city and bring about a ban on Victoria horse carriages. The commencement of the monsoon in the city adds to the distress of over 250 horses, which are left illegally tied up in the open on city beaches, without proper stables, and hence ruthlessly exposed to the elements.


Two more sea lions shot to death along Oregon coast, bringing number to about 20
For the second time in as many days, researchers were called Monday to the coast to necropsy a sea lion. And like the first, this one had also been shot.  That brings to about 20 the number of dead sea lions found in Northern Oregon and Southern Washington in just two months. Almost all bore clear evidence of gunshot wounds, others showed obvious trauma also likely caused by gunshots, said Dalin D’Alessandro, a Portland State University research assistant with the Northern Oregon-Southern Washington Marine Mammal Stranding Network.

Proposed Horse Slaughterhouse Polarizes Industry

One New Mexico businessman’s bid to convert his now-defunct cattle slaughterhouse into a horse slaughter plant is dividing his community. Proponents of horse slaughter in the U.S. agree that it should be strictly regulated to ensure the humane handling of the animals during the slaughter process, but opponents say population control, not slaughterhouses, is the solution to the growing horse abandonment problem.


Scott Jurek on running ultramarathons, being a vegan
Jurek is not only the North American record holder for most ground covered running in a day, but he completed more than 110 miles in 24 hours (four marathons back to back), each with under a four-hour average. He’s also one of the few elite athletes in the world who follows a vegan diet


Vegan column stirs distasteful reactions
A few weeks ago, I wrote a column about my attempt to become a vegan — that is to say, one who partakes neither of meat nor fish nor dairy.  It’s not an easy life, I said. It seemed like a fairly non-controversial thing to say, although I was sure that meat-eaters would respond with scorn and vitriol.  As it turned out, I was wrong. Everybody responded with scorn and vitriol — meat-eaters, vegetarians, vegans, and organic farmers, as well as people who think of Big Macs as health food.


U.S. author aims to bring vegan life to Main Street
When Victoria Moran was growing up in Kansas City, then home of the second largest stockyards in the United States, the concept of eating anything but meat was so unheard of that even the first salad bars were revolutionary.  Moran, who was a vegetarian before swearing off animal products such as milk and eggs.
Getting there took many years and detours, an evolution she has tried to make easier for others with “Main Street Vegan,” a book written with her daughter, who has been a vegan from birth, that aims to help people make a change that she admits can still be a challenge.


Michelle Pfeiffer: Why I became a vegan
Michelle Pfeiffer admits in a new interview that vanity played a part in her decision to adopt a vegan lifestyle, but she adds that more than anything it was because of a desire to live a healthier life.  The 54-year-old actress tells Dr. Sanjay Gupta on Monday’s edition of “Piers Morgan Tonight” that watching his documentary, “The Last Heart Attack,” gave her plenty of food for thought.


Bradley goes vegan before fights
“It’s been four years since I’ve been doing it this way. Every fight I get prepared for, I go vegan for about 3½ months.”Bradley said he likes how it makes him feel.  “I just feel so much better. Cleaner, mental clarity,” he said. “You see the physique. I don’t lose any muscle. I’m a lean, mean, fighting machine.”
Bradley first began following a vegan diet in training when he challenged Junior Witter for a junior welterweight title in England in 2008. Bradley scored a knockdown in the sixth round and went on to win a split decision and his first world title.


Vegetarian diet provides good nutrition, health benefits, study finds
A vegetarian diet provides adequate nutrition to adults and children and can also reduce health problems, an Australian study has found.  The scientific research review, “Is a vegetarian diet adequate?” published in the Medical Journal of Australia on Monday, puts to rest the long-held belief a vegetarian diet lacks sufficient protein and iron, The Advertiser reported.

Pregnancy complications not cut by omega-3s: study
Data from 2005 to 2008 on 2,400 pregnant women who took omega-3 supplements found they did not have a statistically significant lower risk of gestational diabetes or preeclampsia compared with women who took vegetable oil pills, suggesting that omega-3 intake may not prevent the onset of such conditions. The findings were published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition