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Animal rights group to be freed this evening
Members of an animal rights group, arrested on Saturday for attacking a center that breeds dogs used in scientific experiments, will be freed this evening. Twelve members of the group, eight women and four men, were interrogated today for attacking the Green Hill breeding station at Montichiari in Brescia that raises beagles. a Montichiari (Brescia).


Animal-rights group files complaint against University of Washington
An animal-rights group that watchdogs research facilities across the country has filed a federal complaint against the University of Washington, citing multiple incidents in which animals were injured, escaped from their cages or were found dead.


FDA approves plague treatment as animal testing ethics resurface
It’s been a busy week for animal-rights with a federal complaint against UW, the storming of a Beagle farm by Italian activists and the FDA approving the drug Levaquin for the treatment of plague, after it was tested on African green monkeys.


Ohio Senate Approves Exotic Animal Bill
The state Senate has passed a bill to ban Ohioans from acquiring new exotic animals and regulate the current owners of tigers, lions and other creatures.


Animal lovers, hunters pack Capitol over hunting dog ban bill
Hundreds of animal lovers and hunters packed the Capitol on Tuesday to testify about a bill seeking to ban the use of dogs to hunt bears and bobcats in California, legislation that arose after a top state fish and game official drew heat for killing a mountain lion during a legal hound-hunting trip in Idaho.


Lucy the elephant staying in Edmonton despite animal-rights campaign
Lucy the elephant appears to be staying put after a ruling from the Supreme Court of Canada on Thursday that it will not hear a case regarding her future.  The court rejected an application to hear the case between animal-rights activists, who want the elephant moved, and the City of Edmonton, which owns the Edmonton Valley Zoo where Lucy lives.


Fur, Feathers, Ivory and Bone: The U.S. Military and Endangered Species Souvenirs
The links between conflict and contraband are as old as war, and have been the subject of extensive research. The reasons are easy to grasp, if sometimes hard to trace. Wars disrupt economies and can create acute shortages, often while encouraging lawlessness and the breakdown of borders and institutions. In these circumstances, smugglers are both in demand and can thrive.


Vets in Scotland train to spot domestic abuse victims
Vets in Scotland will be trained to spot signs of abuse in both animals and their owners, in a bid to help victims of domestic violence.  The Domestic Abuse Veterinary Initiative (DAVI) has been developed by six charities including Medics Against Violence (MAV) and Crimestoppers.


Ellen DeGeneres says her vegan diet wasn’t always easy, but glad she made the change
She first tried to quit meat 15 years ago, she said in a telephone interview, but lasted only six months.
“I’ve always called myself an animal lover. And yet I ate them,” she said. “Until four years ago I would be driving past these cows on pastures, and think ‘What a lovely life that is,’ and I’d go and order a steak. It takes a click, just one light bulb, and you’re like ‘I can’t do that anymore.’”


As Bison Return to Prairie, Some Rejoice, Others Worry
“Populations of all native Montana wildlife have been allowed to rebound except bison; it’s time to take care of them like they once took care of us,” said Robert Magnan, 58, director of the Fort Peck Indian Reservation’s Fish and Game Department, who will oversee the transplanted Yellowstone bison program.  But with several groups now navigating a complex and contentious path to return bison to these plains, agribusiness is fighting back. Many farmers and ranchers fear that bison, particularly those from Yellowstone, might be mismanaged and damage private property, and worry that they would compete for grass with their own herds.


A Place for Old Chickens, Outside the Pot
While many Portlanders still pluck aging birds for the broiler, others seek a blissful, pastoral end for them. Because most chickens lay the majority of eggs early in life, and can live about 10 years, the quest for a place where chickens can live out their sunset years has brought a boom to at least two farm animal sanctuaries and led Pete Porath, a self-described chicken slinger, to expand the portion of his business that finds new homes for unwanted birds.


To effect change, should the 99% go vegan?
“Fact: Diet-related disease is the biggest killer in the United States, right now, here today,” said Jamie Oliver in his 2010 “TedTalks” presentation. “Your child will live a life 10 years younger than you because of the landscape of food that we’ve built around them.”  Is it child abuse? Oliver argues that it is, and that in addition to nourishing our children, we should also educate them on how and what to eat. His critics accuse him of overstepping and say he should pack up and go back to Britain. Who is he to tell us what’s right for our children? “All I can say is: I care. I’m a father, and I love this country, and I believe truly, actually, that if change can be made in this country, beautiful things will happen around the world. If America does it, I believe other people will follow.”