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Save Oregon’s First Family of Wolves
Tell Oregon state officials to oppose reckless legislation that would tamper with the state’s Endangered Species Act and allow for the annihilation of the Imnaha pack.

Sign an online petition:

And/or better yet, make direct contact:

Governor John Kitzhaber
160 State Capitol
900 Court Street
Salem, OR 97301
Citizens’ Representative Message Line (503) 378-4582
fax (503) 378-6827
online contact form:

Senator Jackie Dingfelder
PO Box 13432
Portland, OR 97213
phone (503) 493-2804


The pack was the first to establish and produce pups in the state in more than 60 years. While measures should be taken to prevent depredation of livestock, there are better ways to keep cattle safe than killing the family of Journey, the wolf who has captured the nation’s imagination with its thousand-mile expedition to become the first wolf in California in nearly a century.

Last fall, the Center for Biological Diversity and allies won an emergency stay of execution from the Oregon Court of Appeals that stopped the state from killing two wolves in the Imnaha pack — a stay that remains in place while the Oregon Cattlemen’s Association pushes this appalling bill.

Two horses killed in first season of HBO’s drama “Luck”
Send a note of protest to HBO and let the network know that one season of horse slaughter for entertainment is more than enough. If you are watching the show, please stop — you are supporting the horse killing. Ask your friends to stop watching too. They surely have no idea that horses are dying on the set — especially as they have read in the credits that the American Humane Association is on the set “monitoring” the animal action.

HBO feedback page

Additional info
News has now broken that a horse was killed in the filming of the pilot episode (pilots are filmed before a full series gets a go-ahead) which should have been enough to stop plans for the series. But the series got the green light and another horse was killed during the filming of episode seven. Each horse fractured a leg during a race scene and was later euthanized.

Unfortunately the death of a horse during the pilot was not enough for the American Humane Association, a group funded by the industry it is supposed to police, to choose to disassociate itself from the series.

The good old AHA has been putting it’s stamp of approval, “No animals were harmed…” on almost all of the episodes. The New York Observer tells us that for the two episodes in which horses were actually killed the line in the credits is a more neutral, “The American Humane Association monitored the animal action.

That’s right, they monitored the deaths of the horses. That organization’s stamp is a joke — a deadly joke because people think it has meaning and thus animal loving people support entertainment that has the stamp. Most people have no idea that the group will monitor the deaths of animals on sets and then give a full stamp of approval to future similarly filmed episodes in which it so happens no animals are harmed.

Horse racing, with its thousands of animal deaths per year, is a barbaric and outdated form of entertainment, which HBO is making topical, perhaps even fashionable, with this well-executed series. There is a petition you can sign asking HBO to adopt PETA’s standards on the set to try to prevent further horse deaths. But shouldn’t two deaths during the filming of the first season put an end to any plans for a second? Please ask HBO to cancel those plans. HBO needs to hear that its generally conscious audience didn’t know horses were dying on the set and will stop watching when that news gets out.

Take Action for shipment of monkeys scheduled for Canada

Hainan Airlines, an airline based in China, is due to fly a shipment of monkeys from China to
Toronto in the next few days. We understand that the final destination of these
monkeys is a laboratory in Canada. We have written to the airline urging it to
join the growing number of airlines to have adopted a permanent embargo on all
primate shipments.

Please be a voice for these monkeys and show the strength of feeling against
this dispicable trade by sending polite emails to Hainan Airlines urging the
airline to adopt a policy not transport primates (and all animals) destined for
research purposes.

If you live in the US, please call Hainnan Airlines on their US toll-free
number: 1-800-876-8999.

Otherwise please email a clear message to them to stop all transportation of
animals to ‘research’ laboratories.

Email Toronto Office:
Email Head Office in China:
Email cargo Head Office in Seattle:
Los Angeles:
New York: