Legislation to Follow

i Jan 15th by

Here are a few bills introduced this session that we urge you to pay attention to

This one look promising:

Senate Bill 6139: Regarding large wild carnivore conflict management
Introduced by Sen. Christine Rolfes, (D-Bainbridge Island) (D) on January 12, 2012, prohibits a person from negligently feeding or attempting to feed large wild carnivores or attracting them to land or a building Defines “large wild carnivore” which includes wild bears, cougars, and wolves. The bill also prohibits the department of fish and wildlife from paying more than fifty thousand dollars per fiscal year for claims and assessment costs for injury or loss of commercial livestock caused by large wild carnivores. (Companion Bill: HB 2365).

This look bad:

Senate Bill 6136: Concerning the regional management of mammalian apex predators
Introduced by Sen. Bob Morton, (R – Kettle Falls) (R) on January 12, 2012, modifies current law regarding the listing of mammalian apex predators as endangered under the State’s Endangered Species Act. This act requires the Fish and Wildlife Commission to suspend any management plan for a mammalian apex predator if that species is not also federally listed for protection, or if the federal management plan does not also include the entirety of the region deemed necessary for protection under the State’s management plan. Examples of mammalian apex predators include brown bears, gray wolves and coyotes. (Companion Bill: HB 2214).