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Foie gras ban is set to take effect in California next year
The protesters are animal-rights advocates who say force- feeding ducks and geese to fatten their livers is cruel. Danko and other California chefs will have to remove foie gras from their menus in July, when the state becomes the first to ban the dish, under a 2004 law.

In Circus Elephant Spat, Animal Rights Group Wants Revival Of Claims
A Washington federal appeals court will decide whether an animal rights group has standing to challenge the alleged mistreatment of Asian elephants by handlers at Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus.

Animal rights group wants MPI Research fined: USDA report finds four animals were euthanized after being injured
An animal rights group is asking the U.S. Department of Agriculture to levy a major fine against MPI Research in Mattawan related to events that led to the deaths of four of its laboratory animals.  Two primates, one dog and a pig were apparently euthanized by the contract research facility’s operation in Mattawan, allegedly as a result of negligence or being mishandled, said Michael A. Budkie, executive director of Stop Animal Exploitation Now.

Diet regimen for one
One of the most controversial topics when it comes to the environment is food — nothing will get a debate raging quite like the pronouncement that each North American should be adopting a vegan diet or that attempting to lessen our carbon footprint is of no use until we stop eating meat.

Senate Passes Legislation To Deter Animal Cruelty, Dog Fighting
The Senate unanimously passed bipartisan legislation designed to curb dog fighting by increasing criminal penalties.  The three bill package would allow for the seizure and forfeiture of real property used in animal fighting and make animal fighting a predicate offense for racketeering. The legislation would also make the owner, lessor or person conducting the activity guilty of nuisance.

Medical, consumer groups urge Congress to act on antibiotic resistance
A coalition of medical and consumer advocacy groups is urging lawmakers to curtail the use of antibiotics in farm animals as federal regulators prepare to propose new restrictions.

Healthier living could cut 2.8 million cancer cases
Healthier lifestyles and better diets could prevent up to 2.8 million cases of cancer each year, the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) said on Wednesday, calling on governments to “avoid a public health disaster.”

Study finds “minimal” health impacts on canine 9/11 rescuers
“The most striking thing is that many of the humans that responded have developed reactive airway diseases, such as asthma, sinusitis or other chronic infections in their nasal sinuses. The dogs on the other hand have fared extremely well,” explained Dr. Cynthia Otto, the study’s lead researcher and an associate professor at PennVet. “They’re not developing any problems with their lungs or sinuses. That is a real surprise.”

Dolphin shows to resume at Brookfield Zoo after accidental death of one of them
Dolphin shows at the Brookfield Zoo are scheduled to resume today after a female dolphin died after apparently colliding with another dolphin minutes before a show Monday.
Megan Fox Weight Gain Story Spreads Misconceptions About Veganism
This does not sound like a “strict vegan diet” to me. What “a strict vegan diet” really means is “an actually vegan diet,” i.e. one that eschews all animal products. As a “strict vegan,” I eat a lot more than raw fruits and vegetables. In addition to fruits and veggies (which I sometimes cook), I eat beans, grains (including bread), nuts, legumes, tofu, seitan, soy products, and yes, even (vegan) sugar.