Action Alert: Call to Stop Persecution of Wolves

Action Alert: Call to Stop Persecution of Wolves

Amid renewed calls for the slaughter of wolves in the Northern Rockies after their protected status was lifted, members of Friends of Animals, Predator Defense and other wolf advocates will be delivering an urgent message to cease state-sponsored killing straight to Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer’s door at the state capitol building in Helena Friday, October 14th, from 12pm-2pm.

Montana’s Senator John Tester is responsible for attaching a de-listing rider to the budget bill, which changed the wolves’ protected status —and avoided public and scientific scrutiny—even though it’s estimated that nearly 1500 wolves remain in the Northern Rockies.

Montana’s wolf biologist Jay S. Mallonee has charged the state’s wildlife agency with justifying wolf slaughter with flawed data: “Money and convenience are some of the reasons to hunt wolves, which implies conflict of interest, especially when no scientific protocols were followed.” He recently published a peer-reviewed scientific paper, “Hunting Wolves In Montana — Where Are the Data?” in the journal Nature and Science—concluding that Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks does not know how many wolves exist in the state and disregards their role in the ecosystem altogether.

In response, Friends of Animals quickly called on members and supporters across the country and around the globe to boycott Idaho, Wyoming and Montana—including Yellowstone National Park, which exists in all three states—as long as these states continue persecuting wolves. Please call the governors of the three states to demand an end to the wolf persecution, and inform them that you will not be visiting their state until they do so.

Governor Butch Otter of Idaho
Office of the Governor
State Capitol
P.O. Box 83720
Boise, ID 83720

Phone: 208.3342100
Fax: 208.334.3454

Governor Brian D. Schweitzer of Montana
Office of the Governor
Montana State Capitol Bldg.
P.O. Box 200801
Helena, MT 59620-0801

Phone: 406.444.3111
Fax: 406.444.5529

Governor Matt Mead of Wyoming
State Capitol, 200 West 24th St.
Cheyenne, WY 82002-0010

Phone: 307.777.7434
Fax: 307.632.3909

Action Alerts

Tell Nestea to Stop Brutalizing Animals to “Test” Tea
Take a moment to tell Nestea to stop testing on animals and join other brands—such as Arizona, Celestial Seasonings, Honest Tea, Lipton, Luzianne Tea, Snapple, Stash Tea, Tazo, Twinings, and others—that don’t experiment on animals.
Before taking your next sip of iced tea, check the label on the bottle because you may be drinking a cupful of cruelty to animals. Nestlé, which makes Nestea, conducts—and pays others to conduct—painful and deadly tea tests on animals. The company causes animals to suffer simply to investigate the possible health benefits linked to tea products and ingredients, even though not one of these experiments is legally required for beverage manufacturers and regulators have stated that animal tests are not sufficient to prove health claims about food and beverage products.
In these cruel tests, mice and rats were tormented and then killed by decapitation and other methods.

Paul Bulcke
Nestlé S.A.
Nestle online email form:

Brad Alford
Nestlé USA
Nestle online email form:

Tell the Comcast Arena in Everett to make this the last year they host a circus with animals.
This coming week, Ringling Bros will have numerous performances at the Everett Events Center
The animals do not enjoy being carted all over the country to jump through hoops in a brightly lit circus ring. Elephants, and the other animals in the circus, deserve better than to be forced to perform tricks for peoples’ amusement.

Comcast Arena
2000 Hewitt Avenue, Suite 200
Everett, WA, 98201
phone (425) 322-2600

Act Now to Stop American Horses from Being Slaughtered in the U.S. and Abroad
American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act of 2011  (S. 1176) will end the slaughter of American horses here and, most urgently, will stop these horses from being exported abroad for slaughter. The sponsors, who have long championed the cause, have the bipartisan support of 14 colleagues who are co-sponsoring the bill
Tell your Senators to VOTE YES on S. 1176, to support the end of horse slaughter in the U.S…AND end the shipment of U.S. horses to be slaughtered abroad.

Contact your U.S. Senators

Protect the George Washington National Forest from drilling and logging
The Forest Service is considering plans for future natural gas drilling and commercial logging in the George Washington National Forest. Please tell the Forest Service to keep irresponsible industrial development out of the forest, which provides a recreational refuge for millions of people and vital habitat for an array of wildlife.


George Washington Plan Revision
George Washington & Jefferson National Forests
Karen Overcash, Planning Team Leader
5162 Valleypointe Parkway
Roanoke, VA 24019ext
phone (540) 265-5100

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World Farm Animals Day – Oct 2nd

News of Note

Foie gras ban is set to take effect in California next year
The protesters are animal-rights advocates who say force- feeding ducks and geese to fatten their livers is cruel. Danko and other California chefs will have to remove foie gras from their menus in July, when the state becomes the first to ban the dish, under a 2004 law.

In Circus Elephant Spat, Animal Rights Group Wants Revival Of Claims
A Washington federal appeals court will decide whether an animal rights group has standing to challenge the alleged mistreatment of Asian elephants by handlers at Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus.

Animal rights group wants MPI Research fined: USDA report finds four animals were euthanized after being injured
An animal rights group is asking the U.S. Department of Agriculture to levy a major fine against MPI Research in Mattawan related to events that led to the deaths of four of its laboratory animals.  Two primates, one dog and a pig were apparently euthanized by the contract research facility’s operation in Mattawan, allegedly as a result of negligence or being mishandled, said Michael A. Budkie, executive director of Stop Animal Exploitation Now.

Diet regimen for one
One of the most controversial topics when it comes to the environment is food — nothing will get a debate raging quite like the pronouncement that each North American should be adopting a vegan diet or that attempting to lessen our carbon footprint is of no use until we stop eating meat.

Senate Passes Legislation To Deter Animal Cruelty, Dog Fighting
The Senate unanimously passed bipartisan legislation designed to curb dog fighting by increasing criminal penalties.  The three bill package would allow for the seizure and forfeiture of real property used in animal fighting and make animal fighting a predicate offense for racketeering. The legislation would also make the owner, lessor or person conducting the activity guilty of nuisance.

Medical, consumer groups urge Congress to act on antibiotic resistance
A coalition of medical and consumer advocacy groups is urging lawmakers to curtail the use of antibiotics in farm animals as federal regulators prepare to propose new restrictions.

Healthier living could cut 2.8 million cancer cases
Healthier lifestyles and better diets could prevent up to 2.8 million cases of cancer each year, the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) said on Wednesday, calling on governments to “avoid a public health disaster.”

Study finds “minimal” health impacts on canine 9/11 rescuers
“The most striking thing is that many of the humans that responded have developed reactive airway diseases, such as asthma, sinusitis or other chronic infections in their nasal sinuses. The dogs on the other hand have fared extremely well,” explained Dr. Cynthia Otto, the study’s lead researcher and an associate professor at PennVet. “They’re not developing any problems with their lungs or sinuses. That is a real surprise.”

Dolphin shows to resume at Brookfield Zoo after accidental death of one of them
Dolphin shows at the Brookfield Zoo are scheduled to resume today after a female dolphin died after apparently colliding with another dolphin minutes before a show Monday.
Megan Fox Weight Gain Story Spreads Misconceptions About Veganism
This does not sound like a “strict vegan diet” to me. What “a strict vegan diet” really means is “an actually vegan diet,” i.e. one that eschews all animal products. As a “strict vegan,” I eat a lot more than raw fruits and vegetables. In addition to fruits and veggies (which I sometimes cook), I eat beans, grains (including bread), nuts, legumes, tofu, seitan, soy products, and yes, even (vegan) sugar.

Action Alerts

Ask Everett to stop supporting animal circuses
This coming week, Ringling Bros will have numerous performances at the Everett Events Center
The animals do not enjoy being carted all over the country to jump through hoops in a brightly lit circus ring. Elephants, and the other animals in the circus, deserve better than to be forced to perform tricks for peoples’ amusement.
There has been endless documentation to show that the elephants in the circus are abused, and it is time to stop supporting animal circuses.
Take Action
In addition to attending the circus protests, please contact the Comcast Arena at Everett, and politely ask them to make this the last year that they host a circus with animals.

Comcast Arena at Everett’s Contact info:

Mailing address:
2000 Hewitt Avenue; Suite 200
Everett, WA, 98201

Phone Number

email contact form:

Help Stop the Army From Poisoning Monkeys
During the week of September 12, the U.S. Army at Maryland’s Aberdeen Proving Ground is planning to conduct a cruel exercise that involves injecting vervet monkeys with a drug overdose to crudely recreate the effects of a nerve agent attack. Monkeys used in the exercise suffer from vomiting and uncontrollable twitching and seizures, and some even stop breathing.
Please help spare monkeys from outdated and cruel chemical casualty training exercise.
Tell the commanding general of Aberdeen Proving Ground and the Commander of U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense urging them to replace the use of animals in this laboratory with modern non-animal training methods.
In addition to being incredibly cruel and ineffective, the Army’s monkey laboratories clearly violate Department of Defense policies that prohibit harming primates for training purposes and that require that alternatives to the use of animals be used when available.

Make direct contact:

U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense
3100 Ricketts Point Road
Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD 21010-5400
phone (410) 436-3276

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Ringling Beats Animals

New of Note

In Everett, the circus arrives and so do protests
Activists say elephants are highly intelligent wild animals that deserve to live beyond the confinement of pens. Traveling with a circus is torture, the activists say.

100 animal-rights protesters demonstrate outside circus
More than 100 animal-rights activists assembled outside Matthew Knight Arena on the University of Oregon campus Friday evening to protest the first of four Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus shows this weekend.
The slow but steady animal rights revolution, from ‘Planet of the Apes’ to slaughter-free meat
One such quiet revolution we should stop and acknowledge: A new respect for animal rights is decisively emerging, far beyond the PETA fringe. Within 20 or 30 years, enabled by new technology, we will be living in a profoundly different world…Soon enough, all this will change the dinner plate. Millions of us, myself included, love to eat meat. But vegetarianism is steadily growing.

Animal rights activists go after Israel’s monkey farm, get arrested
Animal rights activists said police attacked a protest on Saturday held outside the infamous monkey breeding farm in central Israel.  At least 9 activists were detained, although four of them were released, but the remaining five had a court hearing on Sunday.

Register investigation: Egg farms rack up violations
One year after 1,900 people were sickened and a half-billion Iowa eggs were recalled, government inspectors continue to find unsanitary conditions and inadequate protections against salmonella on Iowa’s egg farms…None of the violations have resulted in fines or penalties from state or federal agencies, and Iowa’s egg producers still aren’t required to tell state officials when they find salmonella on their farms.

LAPD Officer Puts A Muzzle On Illegal Animal Sales
Los Angeles is cracking down on illegal animal sales. Thousands are sold on downtown streets every year. Recently, an ordinance went into effect that raises fines on the buyers, but curtailing this underground economy will not be easy.

Gore: Eat less meat to fight warming
Al Gore wants society to ditch meat-heavy diets and go organic to combat global warming.  “Industrial agriculture is a part of the problem,” Gore said Friday during an interview with FearLess Revolution founder Alex Bogusky. “The shift toward a more meat-intensive diet,” the clearing of forest areas in many parts of the world in order to raise more cattle and the reliance on synthetic nitrogen for fertilizer are also problems, he added.

Readers chew over ruling on Clinton’s vegan diet
Readers of our PETA fact-check felt we didn’t show proper respect for shrimp and other sea creatures.
We’ve received lots of e-mails criticizing PolitiFact Georgia’s recent fact-check of the claim from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals that by becoming a vegan, former President Bill Clinton “has spared the lives of nearly 200 animals a year.

British animal activists outraged at plans for beagle ‘factory’
Plans to build Britain’s biggest beagle “factory” have prompted protests by animal rights organisations.  Campaigners fear that if the breeding centre – which could hold more than 2000 beagles bred for scientific experimentation.

A nutty week for the Wildlife Center of Virginia
“When we see a hurricane forecasted, we know that means lots of baby squirrels coming in,” said Amanda Nicholson, director of outreach for the center. “Unfortunately hurricane season coincides with the second season for squirrels—late August and early September. At the end of last week, rehabilitators started getting into crises mode and thinking about how many they could handle.”

Soapbox: Arguments for a vegan lifestyle
Depending on which vegan you ask, you could get a number of different answers to your question. Many vegans are motivated by ethical concerns; others are principally concerned with their health. My answer is that I was first brought to vegetarianism as an 8-year-old who didn’t like the bare idea of eating animals, and as I’ve learned more and more about industrialized animal agriculture systems in the United States I have become increasingly compelled by the idea that veganism is the best basis for an ethical and healthy diet.

Vegan in the city
Niranjan Amarnath loved his hamburgers and chilli chicken as much as anyone else till class XII. But after seeing the way goats were transported for slaughter, he cut all meat from his diet and turned vegetarian. Four years ago, the animals lover took it a step further, and became vegan.