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The dog in the room
A lot of people will never forgive Michael Vick. A lot of people wonder why, too.
“The American population may not be guilty of carrying it out with their own hands as Vick did,” says Singer. “But it’s certainly guilty of supporting animal cruelty through their purchases. It’s not any worse to make a dog suffer than to make a pig or a chicken or a cow suffer. If you look at factory farms and if you support them, you can’t say ‘Vick made animals suffer and I don’t.'”

Mass Animal Suffering and the Collapse of Compassion
A strange paradox constantly confronts activists in the animal protection movement: many members of the public express appropriate revulsion at cruelty against individual animals (e.g., the dog beaten by his owner) while simultaneously responding with indifference to the large-scale industrial exploitation that destroys the lives of billions of animals.

Suicide, Horses & Omak’s Most Notorious Minute
In a voice-over, Robert Reder of the Humane Society says horses are not built to endure the speed and impact of the downhill race. “It’s inhumane and it’s cruel,” he says.  That obviously has been the case for at least 22 horses whose Suicide Race deaths have been documented in recent years. Animal-rights groups say a horse dying in mid-race is part of the blood-sport attraction for fans, like NASCAR pileups and bench-clearing brawls.

Texas Drought Takes Its Toll On Wildlife
“The drought is hammering Texas,” says Cindy Loeffler, the water resources branch chief at the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. “Usually we don’t see impacts to fish and wildlife — they’re adapted to hot, dry conditions in Texas. But this year, we’re seeing impacts.”

How Your Dog Knows an Earthquake Is Coming Way Before You Do
There’s nothing supernatural or sixth sense about it. Seismologists think animals sense an electrical signal generated by the movement of underground rocks before an earthquake. Or they might sense early but weak shocks that humans can’t feel. Even the U.S. Geological Survey concedes that animals likely perceive earthquakes sooner than humans.

Vegans spread the word: the carnivore is over
Mr Mahoney describes animal agriculture as ”the great elephant in the room”, with its emissions responsible for 30 per cent of Australia’s carbon output, and asks why we ignore it.

Southern Veganism
Next week, the University of North Texas will open the nation’s first strictly vegan cafeteria.  But administrators didn’t create the vegan-friendly option to make a statement about animal welfare or sustainability so much as to provide more options for a student body whose tastes are growing increasingly diverse, said Ken Botts, director of special projects for Dining Services.

To advocates’ delight, Christie’s veto assures shelter animals 7-day hold period in N.J.
In an August 25 message to the State Senate, Gov Chris Christie made life much easier for animals in New Jersey shelters – and for the people who fought to keep the seven-day holding period that was customary under earlier impoundment laws.

Keeping the Foxes out of the Henhouse: Avoiding Potential Legislative Pitfalls Following Historic Agreement for Egg-Laying Chickens
So how does this legislation fit into the broader scheme of federal animal protections? Simply put, it’s a good start at filling a massive gap in federal law, but even if the legislation were to pass intact, there are many unanswered questions about how it will actually affect the lives of hens.