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Want to Kill Fewer Animals? Give Up Eggs
This isn’t to say that vegetarianism is pointless. The typical vegetarian almost certainly causes fewer animal deaths than the typical omnivore. And unless you’re replacing all of your meat calories with egg-calories, going vegetarian will significantly reduce the number of deaths your diet is causing. The important takeaway from these calculations, rather, is that evaluating food in terms of “flesh” versus “not-flesh” doesn’t tell you that much about how many animals died to produce it.

Animal rights group hangs sign on butter cow
An animal rights group is taking responsibility for hanging a sign on the Iowa State Fair butter cow, saying it represents “humankind’s tyranny over defenseless animals.”

How much protein do you really need?
Whole grains, seeds, and some vegetables also contain protein, so consuming enough is not difficult even if you don’t eat meat. Vegetarians and vegans can easily get what they need by balancing complimentary proteins such as corn and beans or rice and tofu. Nutritionists used to recommend combining foods at the same meal, but research now shows that is unnecessary.

Ellen DeGeneres announces new vegan site
Ellen DeGeneres has taken her love for the vegan lifestyle and turned it into a new website called “Going Vegan with Ellen.” The portal, an offshoot of her official site, is an introduction to an all-plant diet and how to stop eating the animal products.

Elephant Abuse: Ringling Brothers Circus Cited After Elephant Collapses
An elephant collapsed shortly after performing at a Ringling Bros. Circus last Sunday night at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California, according to eyewitness accounts from Animal Defenders International (ADI).

Release of bison into Alaska wilderness put on hold again
The federal agency recently forked over $200,000 to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game to maintain a captive herd of more than 100 wood bison for another year at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center in Girdwood south of Anchorage.  The hope is it will give federal and state agencies enough time to negotiate a special rule that will make the animals exempt from the Endangered Species Act when they are finally set loose in Alaska. The state has been holding the bison at the AWCC for more than three years as part of a plan to restore the shaggy beasts to the Alaska landscape.

CSU fined over animal-research violation on Fort Collins campus
According to documents provided by Stop Animal Exploitation NOW!, Colorado State University was cited by federal inspectors for violations ranging from having contaminated feed to failing to provide adequate shelter for some animals. University officials confirmed the violations, but disputed the significance of the findings.

State launches Canine Cruelty Prevention website
Attorney General Chris Koster announces Monday the Attorney General’s Office website now includes a Canine Cruelty web page where Missourians can learn more about the laws regulating animal care facilities and can file a complaint against substandard facilities.

Brutal dog fighting app for smart phones is back… and it’s more realistic than ever
A controversial Android app that draws users into the brutal underground world of dog fighting is back on the market — and preparing to release an updated version.

By Helping a Girl Testify at a Rape Trial, a Dog Ignites a Legal Debate
The new witness-stand role for dogs in several states began in 2003, when the prosecution won permission for a dog named Jeeter with a beige button nose to help in a sexual assault case in Seattle. “Sometimes the dog means the difference between a conviction and an acquittal,” said Ellen O’Neill-Stephens, a prosecutor there who has become a campaigner for the dog-in-court cause.

Soy Isoflavones and Estrogen
But two issues regarding soyfoods always prompt me to provide some clarification, because they seem to be universally—and consistently—misunderstood despite very clear and conclusive research findings. One pertains to the types and amounts of soy consumed in Asia which I wrote about several months ago. The other is the mistaken idea that soyfoods contain estrogen, which I want to address here.

Daily Hot Dog May Feed Diabetes Risk: Study
After adjusting for lifestyle and dietary risk factors, the researchers determined that a daily 100-gram serving (about the size of a deck of cards) of unprocessed red meat was associated with a 19 percent increased risk for type 2 diabetes.  A daily serving of 50 grams of processed meat — equivalent to one hot dog or sausage or two slices of bacon — was associated with a 51 percent increased risk of diabetes.

Government Knew About Bacteria in Turkey
Federal officials said they turned up a dangerous form of salmonella at a Cargill Inc. turkey plant last year, and then four times this year at stores selling the Cargill turkey, but didn’t move for a recall until an outbreak killed one person and sickened 77 others…”We have constraints when it comes to salmonella,” said Elisabeth Hagen, the USDA’s top food-safety official, in an interview. She said that unlike E. coli, salmonella isn’t officially considered a dangerous adulterant in meat unless that meat is directly tied to an illness or death.

Even Farm Animals Need Love
But what happens when a farm animal, like a chicken or a cow, is being abused, mistreated or not given the necessities it needs?  In California and the Bay Area there are families and organizations that place mistreated animals in loving homes.

Flash mob dances to raise awareness of adoptable cats
A flash mob hit Monument Square in Portland on Wednesday to draw attention to all the cats available for adoption at the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland.