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Geese Killed in Whidbey Island

Please sent a letter to editor about the geese killings

Letters to the editor are needed! Please go here to submit them:

Goose deaths divide lakefront community
The killing of 19 Canada geese and goslings at Honeymoon Lake has some community members outraged and saddened.

Free Sarah Now!

Tell Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack to take ALL necessary actions to rescue Sarah from Ringling Bros and send her to an elephant sanctuary.  How much suffering has 54 year old Sarah been forced to endure prior to her crash? How many beatings with bullhooks has she experienced in her 43 years imprisoned by Ringling Brothers, after being captured and taken from the wilds of Asia in 1957? And what is her reward for being a compliant employee of Ringling Brothers since 1968? It’s no gold watch for Sarah, no pension plan. It’s criminal neglect. Sarah is very sick, yet she is forced to perform.

Tom Vilsack, Secretary of Agriculture, USDA
1400 Independence Avenue SW
Washington DC 20250
phone (202-720-3631
fax (202) 720-2166

Take Action for Wolves, Sea Turtles and Manatees
In April 2011, the U.S. Congress tucked an unprecedented “wolf de-listing rider” into the federal budget bill and it passed. Write your representative now and urge him or her to oppose the proposed House Interior Appropriations Bill with provisions that threaten wild Mexican gray wolves and endangered Kemp’s Ridley sea turtles with extinction and pose a significant threat of increased injury and death for gentle manatees.
Contact your US Representative and as them to OPPOSE the House Interior Appropriations bill.
This bill is an all-out attack on the natural treasures that are our children’s inheritance. I specifically object to these amendments…
Representative Steve Pearce (NM) has introduced an amendment to end lobo recovery efforts, essentially dooming the 50 remaining Mexican gray wolves in the wild to extinction.
Representative Blake Farenthold (TX) has proposed blocking efforts to reduce the speed limits on beaches where threatened and endangered sea turtles already reeling from the effects of last year’s BP oil disaster nest.
Boat strikes are a leading cause of death for Florida’s threatened manatees, but Representative Richard Nugent (FL) wants to block a Fish and Wildlife Service rule to prevent boat collisions and end the hazing of these gentle sea cows.
Representative Jeff Denham (CA) has introduced an amendment to block restoration of salmon in the San Joaquin River.
Representatives Pearce and Randy Neugebauer (TX) are fighting to prohibit vital Endangered Species Act protections for highly vulnerable lesser prairie chickens and dunes sagebrush lizards.
Representatives Paul Gosar (AZ) and Rob Bishop (UT) have proposed amendments that would exempt the border patrol from laws and regulations that protect imperiled wildlife and federal conservation lands like our national parks and wildlife refuges.
The bill also proposes deep cuts in funding for our National Wildlife Refuges and key conservation programs to keep our imperiled wildlife and wild lands safe.
Sacrificing our wildlife and environment in the name of fiscal austerity is unacceptable and could result in increased costs in the future to clean our air and water and keep us healthy. Please oppose this awful bill.