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Butcher backlash after export horror revealed
Australian butchers say there has been a drop in sales as disturbed consumers turn away from beef in response to the ABC’s revelations of horrific cattle slaughtering practices in Indonesian abattoirs.

Stunning cattle before slaughter a ‘basic requirement
Australian cattle producers, industry leaders and stakeholders will meet in the Northern Territory today for the first time since ABC TV’s Four Corners exposed the cruelty and abuse in Indonesian abattoirs last week.

Hooked on Meat
As much as we like eating animals, naturally crave them and are encouraged by misinformation (often a better word than “marketing”), the waiter’s advice — “why bother?” — holds true for at least 90 percent of the animal products we’re offered, no matter what their form. They’re produced badly, they cause immeasurable damage to both our bodies and the earth, and they don’t taste that good.

Veterinary inspectors find violations at more than half of fur farms
EU-mandated inspections yield evidence of widespread violations of animal welfare rules.

Are wild horses native to the U.S.? A federal court seeks the answer
Animal rights groups are pressing a case in federal court maintaining that wild horses roamed the West about 1.5 million years ago and didn’t disappear until as recently as 7,600 years ago. e new way of thinking, if accepted, could affect hundreds millions of acres in the West where the U.S. Bureau of Land Management divides livestock grazing allotments.

Animal activists steal limelight at FENDI show
The show had been mired in controversy since it was announced on May 11, as animal rights groups protested the Italian brand’s fur items. Mindful of the anti-fur mood, Seoul city informed the brand’s Asian headquarters on May 13 that the city could not host the show if it featured fur items. However, Seoul city finally allowed the Italian fashion brand to go ahead with the show because plans to broadcast it internationally had already been made.

Steve-O, a Vegan Now, Boycotts Charity Event on Ethical Grounds
“I thought this was about promoting a plant-based diet for diabetes prevention, and they’re servin’ meat in there,” he griped.  “Outrageous,” he said. “Serving meat at a diabetes event is like serving alcohol at an AA meeting. It’s stupid.”

Ignore the anti-soya scaremongers
There’s no evidence that soya is harmful to humans. In fact, both we and the planet would benefit tremendously from eating more.  If you look carefully, most anti-soya stories can be traced back to one single group in the US called the Weston A Price Foundation

Animal cruelty bill clears Nevada Assembly
Lawmakers are cracking down on animal cruelty with a bill that would make it a category D felony to intentionally maim, mutilate or kill a companion animal.

Senate pushes stiffening penalty for dog fighting
The State Senate has passed a bill that will stiffen the penalty for dog fighting. Currently, arranging dog fights is a felony charge, but owning an animal for the purpose of the fights is a misdemeanor.

Bill allowing students to opt out of animal dissections clears the CT House
Fifteen states, including New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island, currently offer students such a choice, said state Rep. Diana Urban, a Democrat from North Stonington and the bill’s chief proponent. A similar bill was approved by the Connecticut House last year but failed to come up for a vote in the Senate.

The Inconvenience of Being Vegan
Veganism is not hard; ever noticed how picky almost every person placing their drink order at Starbucks is?  Being vegan isn’t that different. So, you’ll probably need to ask a few questions while ordering food, read a few labels while buying stuff, deal with a few raised eyebrows and answer a couple of questions about protein and calcium. So what!

Hurricane evacuation plans now cover pets
In the six years since Hurricane Katrina, evacuating pets has become an important feature of hurricane readiness planning.

Researchers map likely future contact with wolves
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced plans last month to lift federal protections for gray wolves in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan.

Legislation headed to Gov. Quinn’s desk hopes to reunite lost pets with owners.
Wilkins, a longtime volunteer at local rescues and shelters, said, “Area shelters already do everything laid out in the bill, and its passage will not change their procedures. We really need stronger legislation. I can’t say it enough. They don’t give enough time to animals in county shelters to reunite with their owners before they kill them.”

Stranded Whales Now Far From Alone
With labored breath and diminished strength, three remaining pilot whales from a pod of 23 that stranded itself off the lower keys have fought to stay alive in a bayside pen here at the rustic Marine Mammal Conservancy center.