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URGENT! Tell your Representatives to Vote NO on Cougar Hound Hunting Today
Your action is needed today to stop SSB 5356 in the Washington State House of Representatives. This bill would grant the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) full authority to extend hound hunting of cougars to sport hunters for another five years in designated counties. Although WDFW presents SSB 5356 as a conservation bill that also protects public safety, it’s really a bill which goes directly against the will of the voters and is driven by misinformation and weak science.
The companion version of this bill (HB 1124) was successfully stopped. We now need your help to stop SSB 5356 from passing!
Please take 5 minutes today to tell your representatives you oppose SSB 5356:
1. Enter your address to identify your district and representatives.
2. Call/ e-mail (or both) your representatives urging them to vote NO on SSB 5356, allowing the hunting of cougars using dogs, on the full House floor.

HELPFUL HINTS: Calling is fast, easy and very impactful. Legislative staff will take your call. Follow up with a polite e-mail to thank them, and to solidify your action. To avoid forms, use the legislator e-mail directory. CEO Kills Wild Elephants – Take Action
Bob Parsons, CEO of the internet domain hosting company Go Daddy, posted a video blog that shows him shooting and killing an elephant in Zimbabwe. This is not the first time he has publicly bragged about killing elephants and other hunting activities.
Parsons says he’s not ashamed of his reprehensible action, claiming to be helping villagers whose crops were trampled. But his lame excuse doesn’t hold water. Parsons is just another trophy hunter looking to justify murdering an innocent animal.
For more information and to see what you can do, check out IDA’s Action Alert
to contact GoDaddy directly call  480-505-8821.

Tell Congress to Pass Legislation that Eliminates Random Source Class B Dealers
Please contact your Federal representatives NOW to encourage passage of this legislation. B Dealers are licensed by the U.S. government to sell animals to research facilities with NO restrictions or regulations on where they “obtained” the animals, many of whom are companion animals either stolen from neighborhoods or bought from some dog/cat breeders.

Tell your Senators and Representative to support Rep. Doyle and Sen. Akaka’s re-introduction of the Pet Safety and Protection Act, and do everything they can to see that it is passed without delay. This Act would ban random source Class B animal dealers who sell dogs and cats to vivisectors. Congress needs to shut down the shady business that sells former companion dogs and cats to research facilities.

Make direct contact:

Contact your U.S. Representative
Contact your U.S. Senators