Action Alerts

Action Alerts

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Ask the USDA to fine the Southern Research Institute in Multiple Animal Deaths
Negligence at the Southern Research Institute killed a monkey and two ferrets, while
subjecting two more ferrets to severe hyperthermia (heat stress). This horrible
facility must be held accountable. The USDA must levy the largest fine allowable by
law, potentially $50,000.

Please contact the USDA to insist that they take immediate action against this
facility’s fatal negligence.

Dr. Elizabeth Goldentyer
Director, Eastern Region
920 Main Campus Dr, Ste 2000
Raleigh, NC 27606
(919) 855-7100

Promote Meatless Mondays in the Workplace

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Yes on 1130

Girls Gone Green

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Animal rights group complaint against Ala. research firm alleges negligence
An animal rights group — Stop Animal Exploitation Now! — on Friday asked the U.S. Department of Agriculture to fine Southern Research Institute $50,000 for the deaths of a macaque and two ferrets, and the mistreatment of two other ferrets.

Animal cruelty law gets tougher
Gov. Matt Mead signed a bill Thursday that adds “household pet animal cruelty” to state law.  Mead signed Senate File 100, the cruelty to animals bill. It is a companion to Senate File 10, which defines the responsibilities of the Wyoming State Livestock Board, said Rep. Sue Wallis, R-Recluse.  That bill repeals a section of the existing law about the duties of the livestock board.  The board’s responsibility is confined to traditional livestock like cattle, goats and sheep.

Ohio care board OKs stall confinement for young veal calves
Veal producers in the Buckeye State will be allowed to continue raising their calves in stall confinement into 2017 and beyond, according to standards approved by the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board during a March 1 special meeting.

Humane Society of the US blasts new Ohio veal rule, threatens to revisit ballot measure
A major animal rights group is threatening to try again for an Ohio ballot issue against animal cruelty because of a new state rule on the treatment of veal calves.

Federal law would not allow horse meat to be shipped out of state
While several states, including Nebraska, work on a legal route to reopening horse processing plants, the U.S. Department of Agriculture appears to be holding firm on not allowing processed horse meat to be exported for human consumption.

Why Vegans are Welcome to Call me a Murderer
I seem to be thinking a lot about the ethics of meat eating recently. From wondering why I don’t feel bad for eating meat yet still apologize for it, to posting about The Moneyless Man’s comparison between meat eating, genocide, eugenics and cannibalism, it’s a topic that raises some strong emotions on all sides. As a former vegetarian turned occasional, sustainable meat eater, I used to get very upset when the accusations of murder started flying from the herbivores among us. But the more I think about it, the more I think that they may be justified.

Nation of animal lovers? Study shows 10m pets suffer mental or physical stress
Britain’s reputation as a nation of animal lovers has been rocked by a study showing at least ten million pets suffer mental or physical stress.  At least three million cats have never been vaccinated, two million dogs are left alone daily for longer than is recommended and 750,000 rabbits are fed too little hay or grass, the research indicates.

What scientists really think about animal research
Nature polled almost 1,000 biomedical scientists around the world, over 70 percent of whom conduct experiments on animals. Not surprisingly, a vast majority of the respondents—over 90 percent—felt that animal research is essential to scientific advancement. However, about a third also reported that they had “ethical concerns about the role of animals in their current work.”

Regulating large-scale dog breeders in Hawaii
A major step was taken today to toughen Hawaii laws against puppy mills.  Lawmakers passed a bill aimed at regulating local dog breeders.  Right now the state does not have any laws related to large-scale dog breeders.