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Death of Sea World trainer: Do ‘killer whales’ belong in theme parks?
The death of a veteran Sea World trainer in Orlando, Fla., Wednesday has spotlighted the campaign of several major animal rights groups to keep marine mammals out of theme parks altogether…Tisch takes on the argument most often given by defenders of such captivity: That it is educational and spotlights the need for conservation and protection of such creatures: “The people who run these theme parks are not interested in conservation or protection, they are interested in making money,” Tisch says. “I would be asking, ‘Why was this animal kept after the first death?’ ”

Senate tackles cockfighting, backs livestock board
The Idaho Senate voted to make running a cockfighting operation a felony.  Senators also voted to create a 10-member livestock care standards advisory board of industry representatives, animal-welfare advocates and lawmakers to define rules of care for livestock and poultry.  Corder says defining acceptable industry practices must be done now on fear Idaho will be targeted by “radical animal-rights groups” with the expected arrival of big chicken farms.

Laws, animal rights groups take stand against dogs in chains
A long-practiced custom — chaining up a dog outside, where it spends most of its life — seems to be inching its way toward unacceptability.  Passionate arguments by grass-roots groups, animal welfare organizations and animal lovers have reached the ears and altered the habits of many dog owners in recent years, and now lawmakers are responding.

Agriculture Industry Encouraged To Adopt ‘Happiness Is A Dead Animal’ Slogan
At a recent gathering of farmers for a program sponsored by Farm Credit Services of Mid-America, Dr. Wes Jamison, Associate Professor of Communication at Palm Beach Atlantic University, suggested that the Agriculture industry fight back with a new slogan:  “Happiness is a Dead Animal”

Meat Might Be Behind Many Unidentified Allergic Reactions
A carbohydrate in meat called alpha-gal may be the unrecognized cause of recurring severe allergic reactions in some patients, a new study suggests.  The study included 60 people in Australia and the United States who experienced the recurrent severe allergic reaction known as anaphylaxis with no known cause.

Group wants USDA to probe animal deaths at labs
Animal rights activists are calling on U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack to investigate the high number of deaths of animals in research laboratories due to negligence over the past two years, including dozens of research monkeys in Nevada.

McKinley’s baffling animal rights bill succumbs to protest campaign
A complex bill apparently intended to strengthen animal protections in Colorado inspired contradictory interpretations and sparked a storm of protest this week. Although detractors agreed with many of the bill’s provisions, they said in remaking some of the rules, particularly those concerning impounding homeless dogs, the bill would end up in steep and unnecessary increases in euthanasia. Friday’s floor debate followed a five-day social-media networking blitz that pulled in 25 different animal welfare groups who all opposed the bill’s passage.

Staying vegan: After a month of plant-based eating, the adventure continues
With a turn of the calendar page, my official month as a vegan is over. But don’t expect to see me bursting through the doors of a steakhouse tonight or tossing a pound of bacon into my grocery cart any time soon. I’m sticking with it.