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Demand Investigation info Lack of Enforcement of Animal Welfare Act
Stop Animal Exploitation NOW! has uncovered the negligent deaths of literally dozens of animals in 18 research facilities across the U.S. The most shocking part of these atrocities is that the Animal Care Division of the USDA has done virtually nothing about these totally unnecessary deaths.
By literally pouring through thousands of pages of government reports, SAEN’s investigation unearthed the deaths of over 64 animals within 18 registered research facilities spread across the United States. Dogs, cats, primates, pigs, rabbits, hamsters, and other animals suffered cruel deaths at the hands of careless research staff in these labs.
Despite these appalling, needless deaths, the negligent labs have skirted by unscathed by the USDA’s Animal Care Division (USDA/AC) – the very regulatory agency put in charge of overseeing these labs.
Take Action
Please contact the Secretary of Agriculture to demand an immediate investigation into the utterly inadequate enforcement of the Animal Welfare Act.

Tom Vilsack
Secretary of Agriculture, USDA
1400 Independence Avenue, SW
Washington, DC 20250
email AgSec@usda@gov
phone (202) 720-3631

Only you can keep animal-friendly legislation alive in 2010!
The Washington State 2010 regular legislative session adjourned on March 11. Although two key animal bills did not pass the legislature this year, we can celebrate our 2010 successes and work to gain momentum for 2011!
* HB 1406/SB 5329, would have funded 70,000 spay/neuter surgeries annually for cats and dogs of low-income families. The bills did not pass the legislature, however the Senate did pass a resolution recognizing that spay/neuter saves cats and dogs lives and taxpayer dollars used to care for unwanted animals. This resolution, combined with increased public awareness and collaboration from numerous animal welfare groups, will help the bill in 2011.
* HB 1885 would have made it illegal to feed certain wild animals, protecting them from habituation and reducing dangerous conflicts between people and wildlife. HB 1885 made it all the way through the House and was close to a vote on the Senate floor, but time ran out.

Collectively, we still need to let our legislators know animal welfare remains a priority. It is not uncommon for bills to take multiple sessions to gain support and pass the legislature. That’s why it’s so important to contact your representatives about animal protections throughout the year:

1. Find your legislators and send each a note OR use the legislator e-mail directory to directly e-mail your representatives.
2. Use the note below to assist—any personalization will only make your message stronger.

Dear (Representative or Senator),
I understand Olympia faced a short session and a big budget challenge in 2010. However as your constituent, I’m disappointed that key bills such as, HB 1885 regarding the feeding of wildlife, and HB 1406/SB 5329 funding spay/neuter for cats and dogs, did not pass the 2010 session. Legislation which protects animals matters a great deal to me. Please support animal-friendly legislation in 2011!

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