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January 19th, 2010

Technology aims to replace animal testing
Technology allowing cosmetic makers to test for allergic reactions to their products without controversial animal trials is in the works and could be in use by next year.  The technology developed by Hurel Corp., with funding from cosmetics maker L’Oreal, is designed to replace tests on mice and guinea pigs used to predict skin reactions from drugs and cosmetics. The device uses laboratory-grown human skin cells to simulate the body’s allergic response to foreign chemicals.

Five fatal flaws of animal activism
“I hoped to discover that the exploitation of animals for food and science had been reduced since the 1980s.  What I found, however, was more than disappointing – a complete absence of decisive progress. Austria with several new laws has come closest to meaningful change, but even there the number of animals suffering for human needs and pleasures is undiminished, and the industrialised exploitation of animals for food is spreading across the globe.”

In Praise Of (Mostly) Vegan Diets
Today’s blog is way, way off the topics I usually cover–politics, economics and markets. Instead I want to talk about diet and its relationship to health and fitness. If you’re desperate for a link to the usual topics of politics, economics and markets, then I would say that I’m offering America a health care plan of my own. (Also See: “Costs Of The ‘Silent Pandemic’.”)  My health care plan is a vegan diet.

Vick’s Courage Award Sparks Controversy
“Baltimore is the focus of a nationwide controversy, all because of a decision by Michael Vick’s teammates.  The Ed Block Foundation just formally announced they will give Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick–who has been convicted for dogfighting–their Courage Award.  Vick’s teammates on the Philadelphia Eagles selected him for this honor and they’re not backing down.”

Saved avalanche pigs get chop
Pigs saved from the chop after public protests stopped them being buried alive in snow by scientists are to end up as sausages, say researchers conducting the tests.  Animal rights campaigners have demanded that the Austrian scientists hand over the 19 pigs so they can be re-housed at a refuge.

Scientists say dolphins should be treated as ‘non-human persons’
Dolphins have been declared the world’s second most intelligent creatures after humans, with scientists suggesting they are so bright that they should be treated as “non-human persons”.

A Gentleman Enforcer Turns His Focus to Haiti
“Laraque is one of a handful of N.H.L. players of Haitian descent. He is also one of the most remarkable enforcers to have played the game: a celebrity spokesman for animal rights advocates; a vegan..Laraque is already famous in Canada for his animal-rights work.”

Council gets down to some monkey business
“The future of Rafiki, a tiny marmoset monkey who has lived nearly all of his eight years on Bainbridge Island with his adopted family, depends on a decision facing the Bainbridge Island City Council Wednesday evening…She admits she wouldn’t do it again, “because I’m a strong believer that this animal should not be a home pet,” she said. “It’s a lot for families to commit to, so I don’t support it now. But he’s a member of our family just like anyone else. He’s a real fun character.”