Rally Against Cruelty to Ducks—EVERY FRIDAY, 7 & 8PM

Rally Against Cruelty to Ducks—EVERY FRIDAY, 7 & 8PM

We have added an additional restaurant to our protest schedule. We have requested several times to meet with the owners of Quinn’s Pub, and they have not returned our correspondence, so we will begin protesting their sale of foie gras as well. We will meet, as usual, at Lark, 926 12th Ave E on Capitol Hill at 7pm, and then migrate over to Quinn’s Pub, located at 1001 E Pike St at 8pm. We hope to see you there!

Foie Gras Campaign Update:
At Friday night’s protest, NARN’s president had a long conversation with one of the owners of Lark, which continues, despite receiving educational materials about the cruelty inherent in foie gras production, to serve the dish. She mentioned that she is tracking correspondence she receives about foie gras, and that Lark currently receives more pro- than anti-foie gras phone calls and emails. We know that this does not reflect public opinion generally, as a recent Zogby poll found that nearly 80 percent of likely voters in the U.S. believe that foie gras production should be outlawed.

Since Lark is taking the public’s reaction into account in continuing to serve foie gras, please contact Lark and let them know that you would like to see them remove it from their menu. Taking two minutes to do this will really make a difference for the ducks and geese who are force fed to create this cruel product.
Tel: (206) 323-5275
Email: info@LarkSeattle.com

If you can’t make the protest, please call or email Quinn’s and ask them to remove foie gras from their menu.
Tel: (206) 325-7711
Email: info@quinnspubseattle.com

In other foie gras news, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed a resolution last week supporting restaurants that removed foie gras from its menu. For more information about foie gras factory farming, please visit: gourmetcruelty.com and nofoiegras.com. Email volunteer@narn.org with any questions.

Pigs Peace Sanctuary Volunteer Day 4/4/09

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On a wonderfully sunny day we bailed hay and scooped poop, occasionally stopping to rub pigs’ bellies while they moaned in delight.

It was hard work, but it rejuvenates the activist’s soul to spend time with healthy, happy pigs who get to live as they wish.

NARN’s Pigs Peace Volunteer Days are the first Saturday of every month. Space is limited, so RSVP early!