Animal Sanctuary Support: Pigs Peace

i Aug 9th by

Lots of piggies.We shared a blustery day with the pigs, dogs, cats, and llama at Pigs Peace Sanctuary

Little baby piglet Emma Sue, who was saved from being a factory farmed pig, is growing bigger by the day, galloping around and making barking noises. MaybeEmma Sue & Tibbet. it’s because she and pug dog Tibbet have taken to each other like Tom Sawyer & Huck Finn, running around the sanctuary creating mischief. 

Maria, Emma, and I cleared out old straw from the barn, while Margaret and Jason scooped up poop in the fields. After a huge country potluck provided by Judy, she led us on a walk through the forest, with all the dogs in tow, to the sanctuary’s two cabins, and we took turns riding the zip line. All the dogs took a splash in the pigs’ hidden forest pond. I can’t wait to go back there.

Maria & a sleeping buddy.