Vegan Outreach: Bumbershoot

i Aug 28th by

Lots & lots & lots of people.Wil, Claudine, Bryan, Rabbit, Anna- Lynne, Andre, Michael, Rachel and David helped spread the message of cruelty-free living Labor Day weekend at Bumber-shoot. Trillions (well it seemed like it) of people packed themselves into Seattle Center to listen to Stone Temple Pilots. And, well, I guess a few people came to see the other bands, too. We gave out lots of  Why Vegan? pamphlets and Veg Restaurant Guides, and we got lots of “Thanks!/Perfect!/Hey cool!”‘s from people. Tabling was real easy and smooth, and we got more members, too.

One guy said he doesn’t eat hardly any meat…except for bacon:

Dude, I LOOOOOOOVE bacon! I mean, if they made cigarettes out of bacon, I would totally NOT quit smoking next month!”

So, okay, that’s a challenge: find this guy a tasty vegan bacon alternative. I promised him I’d look. I mean, if bacon is the only thing holding him back from 1) helping to save the planet, 2) avoiding cancer, and 3) saving a lot of poor pigs’ skins, then by gum let’s point him in the direction of some faux bacon! If you have any ideas, tell us at Thanks!