Vegan Outreach: Bite of Seattle

i Jul 20th by

The Seattle Center was packed with moving masses of people carrying plates of food to and fro. New volunteer Katrina from the Animal Rights Meetup came out and rocked the party with her down-pat hospitality skills, handing out Veg Restaurant Guides and Even If You Like Meat pamphlets like a natural. Rachel got a spot on the other side of the EMP, and I threw myself into the middle of the crowd deep inside the festival near the “REPENT, YOU SINNERS!” folks.

I heard more “I LIKE MEAT!” comments from passersby than usual, but to me this indicates something interesting. If someone finds a free vegetarian restaurant guide threatening enough that they feel compelled to defend their eating style with a shout like that, are they truly confident about their meat eating? Or are they announcing to all around that their only reason for continuing to participate in animal cruelty, environmental destruction, and courtship with health problems is the fairly trivial reason that they “like meat”?