NARN Family

The goal of NARN Family is to provide a safe space for families to participate in animal advocacy together. We want to give kids opportunities for their voices to be heard, and to facilitate rich learning experiences while helping them understand that they can be powerful animal advocates at any age.

NARN Family will:

  • Provide families with information on age-appropriate NARN events
  • Work to expand NARN efforts in East and North King County
  • Plan and implement campaigns specifically created by children – some ideas already in the pipeline:
    • Helping children start a vegan/animal advocacy group at their school
    • Vegan kids pen pal project
    • Library campaign to get copies of vegan children’s books in our local libraries
    • Animal sanctuary work parties for families
    • Vegan cooking classes for children
    • Family-focused fundraisers

As this is a new effort, we are looking for feedback on how we might best support your family and children! If your family would like to become involved, please contact us at Please visit NARN Family on Facebook, as well as the Family Resources section of our Northwest Resources page for additional support.